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Mental Healthcare


As a result of extensive research programs, laughter has been classified as one of the preventive factors of mental health. However, this state varies depending on the type of laughter insinuated. For instance, laughter as a mode of responding to some particular information is more likely to reduce mental complications compared to laughter as a sense of humor. Apart from this, the degree of laughter forming mental health cure lies in the type of variable a person’s exposure. It is quite evident that the psychological aspects of an individual would alter the level of his/her connection with various aspects of humor. Some of the states that have been proven to relate to humour are discussed below;

            According to recent research, it has been established that an increased rate in violence and other forms of calamities raise the chances of generating heavy mental health defects within the United States. Despite the country having a special body that helps in the awareness of any tragedy before it occurring, many challenging factors will be faced in the Census Bureau once 2020 approaches (James, & Glaze, 2016). The body is also responsible for ensuring that there is maximum avoidance of any mental health problems that may result from the occurrence of the disasters. Due to the fate that awaits the bureau, there is a high chance of wastage of resources as well as a misguidance in the type of information being fed to the team responsible for responding to the occurrence of any tragedy. With all this expected to happen, there would be an increase in the cases of mental health problems. The government and society, in general, need to abstain from criticism of the operations being undertaken by ACS to allow for the avoidance of even greater problems concerning information that may identify a representation of the American demography. This state is necessarily applicable concerning the occurrence of tragedies within the country.

Mental Health Curative Programs

            It has become a concern for schools to engage in programs that help reduce the chances of mental health problems. This concept is important since the health defect, if at all present in an individual, will be looked into at an earlier age before it can enroot itself in its subject. Schools, therefore, need to work hand in hand with organizations that support and teach on the measures and cure of mental health problems. Despite this knowledge being something that is encouraged in most schools, there are current challenges that are facing the institutions already adopting the policy. It has also been noted that the policy has positively contributed to a change among those found to be suffering from the problem. Below is a summary of some of the experiments that were carried out in various schools to see if the policy could work upon adoption. It involved children and young individuals who participated in the program for two days.

            Several schools and specialists who major in mental health got involved in the program for a period on three weeks. Other participants of the program were shareholders of the various schools. This program availed a wide range of pricing models as well as packages that help in implementation. The concept aid in the suit of several budgetary and training necessities. The program applied a company’s in-house solution thereby enabling it maintain ties with several mental health patients (Worden, 2018). The application of this program also brought about numerous challenges. First, there is a high cost in the purchase of treatment systems. It requires a large amount of capital in order for it to be initiated into medical institutions. Due to this state, most of the institutions endure a lot of expenses in running the program rather than providing medical attention to the sick. Apart from that, another challenge is in the usability and training of the program. For the system to be put into use, the members of staff need to undergo various educational programs. If not the case, the medical institutions would be forced to hire in other personnel who are conversant with the operation of the system. This state would turn out to be too expensive for many of the medical institutions.

The mental health treatment program has evolved to become a commonly used program in most of the European countries as well as internationally. Most health vendors are investing in the installation of the program in their institutions and schools to enhance communication of clinical information and applying the necessary techniques that would ensure utmost protection of the patients. According to the research conducted by international healthcare institutions, there is need for clinical, ethical and technical requirements to ensure effective transition of the program. The standards set on mental healthcare needs to be able to allow clinical workers transfer clinical data of a patient while maintaining the clinical meaning. The aspect of confidentiality also needs to be addressed when it comes to handling personal information of an individual. Patients’ information are not entitled to public disclosure without permission from the patient.

Healthcare Regulations

            The meaningful use regulation forms part of the guidelines set in place for the assurance of a private and secure mental health prevention and cure. This rule ensures the attaining of a balance between the acknowledgment of the adoption of system to better the state of our health care and bring to awareness the challenges that adoption will bring to health care providers. These regulations and legislations need to be achievable and ambitious in nature. The documentation of records in the mental healthcare systems are of great importance since they fall under risk management as a technique. Once a patient’s information is well recorded, there is no need for the worry that the record would cause liability in the event of a claim. Documenting falls as an important component in the assurance of proper healthcare delivery. It ensures evaluation and efficient planning of a patient’s treatment substantiate the billing exercise.

            The most beneficial part of the meaningful use regulations is in what it tells the healthcare institutions to conduct with mental patient in order to be of important use to the society. These directives that need to be conducted have been further categorised into core objectives of the meaningful use regulations that are composed of important initiation point. The last category includes a set of activities that providers would have the chance to choose from for treatment (Pilgrim, 2019). The core objectives of the directives of conduct are the basic functions that give the mental healthcare specialists the ability to practice perfect service delivery. Such functions entail active medication and diagnoses. All these objectives aid in ensuring that the decisions made by clinicians are effective and that there is minimal errors in system operation.

Embracing Modern Methods of Cure

The shift from the use of manual diagnosis to the use of the Electronic Mental Health curers has been propelled by several factors. To begin with, the mental health program allows full access to the patient’s medical history rather than just a preview from an overview of a current visit. The modern techniques are quick thereby making it able to retrieve the recovery progress of a patient no matter the length of time before the visit. This state is unlike the manual techniques which would make it difficult to acquire a patient’s recovery progress probably due to the presence of several other factors within the mental health doctrine. Due to the faster retrieval of patient progress, doctors would find it easier to evaluate a patient and give an accurate diagnosis. The modern curative programs also enable less work and fewer. Since all the progress and tests would be done in computerised gadgets, there would be no need for the utilisation of plenty manual techniques. The mental health system also helps increase the quality of care for patients’ information since all the curative measures would be in the computer under proper labelling. The electronic mental health program has acquired the term “longitudinal electronic program of patient health information developed by encounters in any care delivering background. The system allows for the effective conduction of patient testing. With the adoption of new curative techniques, there has been and increase in the amount of patients in acute units.


With the availability of patients’ data electronically, information has been made readily available. A recent study has proven that healthcare institutions with higher adoption of health information technology has a greater operational performance. The program also helps perfect quality assurance through the ability to track information that would enable the institution to comply with insurance agencies as well as regulations set by the federal departments. The system also enables the patient track the cost of medication through analysing utilities and statistics of the patient. Examples of these techniques include identifying the number of tests conducted on the patient as well as the number of patient visits.


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