Mental Health Recovery Model Essay

Mental Health Recovery Model Essay.

Mental Health Recovery Model Essay

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1. What is the basic concept of a recovery model?

2. How is recovery supported by peer groups?

3. What is the focus of the Tidal Model of Recovery?

4. What is the goal of crisis intervention?

5. Individuals in crisis need to develop more adaptive coping strategies. How does the nurse provide assistance with this process?

6. What are the expectations of the leader in the initial or orientation phase of group development?

7. What is the difference between therapeutic groups and group therapy?

8. Malpractice and negligence are examples of what kind of law?

9. Name the three major elements of informed consent.

10. Identify four nursing behaviors that should be avoided when working with an interpreter.

11. What is the most common psychiatric diagnosis among homeless people with mental illness?

**** APA citation (sources should not be more than 5 years old).

Requirements: 1-2 pages  

Mental Health

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What is the basic concept of a recovery model?

Recovery models are used to keep track of transaction log maintenance. The database recovery model specifies how transactions are logged, whether transaction logs need backup and how they may be restored (Bone, 2018). The three types of recovery models are fundamental, comprehensive, and bulk recovery models.

How do peer groups support recovery?

People can comfortably associate themselves with others in pairs of recovery groups who likewise work on their issues. People may hear and share their personal experiences with their colleagues. These organizations can enable people to enhance their social skills and leadership while also helping others to remain sober (Bone, 2018). Group members might be recovering at different stages and give practical guidance and real-life examples about how to rebuild when addiction has been overcome. The group’s experience provides a spiritual dimension to the recovery process in groups that give spiritual help and other forms of care.

The Tidal Model of Recovery

The Tidal Paradigm acts as a rehabilitation paradigm for promoting mental health. The model focuses on the continual transformation process that everyone undergoes. It employs the metaphor to reveal the importance of individuals’ experiences and emphasize their voices and expertise (Bone, 2018). The objective is not to rely on professionals but to inspire individuals to undertake their recovery.

What is the goal of crisis intervention?

Crisis intervention is a quick intervention using a particular type of psychotherapy to help people in crisis recovers control of life. The nature of the problem naturally determines the specific aims of crisis intervention (Freeman et al., 2017). Crisis-oriented therapy, on the other hand, has several objectives. For example, crisis response aims to alleviate the client’s symptoms and return them to their former operating level.

How a Nurse can assist in developing more adaptive coping strategies

A nurse should educate patients on how to deal with the negative health effects of poor coping techniques. A nurse’s future therapies for stress management should target staff that use negative coping methods and urge them to utilize positive techniques to better cope (Freeman et al., 2017). Problem resolution and a positive reassessment are the most prevalent positive treatment techniques. Nurses should help those in essential medical treatment because they are more likely to participate in escape-avoidance.

A leader’s expectations in the initial group development

Tin the initial group development, the leader, expects to experience disagreements conflicts among group members because the group members are still learning and understanding each other. Besides, at this stage, the leaders should expect many questions from the members, requiring clarity.

The difference between group therapy and therapeutic groups

Unlike group-based treatment, the therapeutic groups are limited to a small number of individuals, including self-help groups guided by experienced clients, and individual membership is recognized (Bone, 2018).

Malpractice and negligence are examples of what kind of law?

Negligence and mmalpractice are covered under personal injury law.Failure to employ the same level of caution as a reasonably sensitive individual in similar circumstances is described as negligence. Malpractice is a type of negligence; Medical malpractice occurs when a physician does not respect his profession’s norms and causes damages to the complainant (Freeman et al., 2017).

Name the three major elements of informed consent.

According to recommendations of the FDA, informed consent must include a study statement, confidentiality, the participant information, and all participants’ voluntary involvement (Freeman et al., 2017).

Nursing behaviors to be avoided when working with an interpreter

Here are some things to avoid while working with an interpreter; there is no need to worry about leaking or sharing information since a strict code of ethics applies to translators, including protecting secrecy (Bone, 2018). Secondly, do not use the interpreter to investigate the intentions of the deaf person. Thirdly do not ask the interpreters to define what you mean instead of translating what a nurse said.

Common psychiatric diagnosis among homeless people?

Affective ddisorders, such as schizophrenia, depression, drug dependence disorders, and anxiety disorders, are among the homeless’s most frequent mental ailments (Freeman et al., 2017).


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