Medstar Health Sample Essay Paper

Medstar Health Sample Essay Paper.

Medstar Health Sample Essay Paper

Medstar Health


University of Phoenix

April 27, 2020

MedStar Health

Medstar health is a company that isheadquartered in Grantchester Way, Columbia, Maryland, in the United States of America. It was founded in 1998 as a nonprofit medical organization (Medstar Health). Healthcare has more than 120 entities that include hospitals and researchcenters. The hospital was named in 2011 as one of the best-employing companies with the best and most professional employees in the region. It was accorded the rank as the best paying with an approximate of $111 million in payroll tax to the District of Columbia (Medstar Health). The medical facility was also recorded to have provided more than $320 million in charity care and community benefit annually. Being a medical institution, it aims to provide health care services to all the people who need it for a profit basis (Medstar Health). In this paper, there will be an account of the mission and visionthat guide the companyand the assessment that should be done to make the company make improvements. The paper will also include an evaluation of the motivational strategy, innovation strategy, and the peoplestrategy that can be made by the institution to see it succeed. I am a billing officer in the company,and after I am done with my MBA, I hope to raise the ranks to become the manager or a supervisor in the account department or finance.

            The company vision is to be a trusted leader when it comes to caring for people and advancing in health. The company’s mission is to serve patients, those who care for them, and their community. Regarding the fact that the Medstar Healthcare is an advanced company when tocometo the provision ofhealth care, I would suggest that they expound their vision in ensuring that they are advocating more for an inclusive health initiativethat sees the people in the area sensitized on how best they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The onlyway abetter lifestyle can be gotten is through civic educationandsensitization(Healthy People, 2020). In that way, many people will be taught the benefits of a kind living standard andmaintenanceof a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the mission of the company can be expounded as well as censuring that the remote location that doesnot have access tothe charitable services is reached out and provided with access to better health care. Withthe capitalist state and expensive federal healthcare plan, it would be necessary if the company strives to make sure that there is better access to health care and health maintenance. When it comes tohealthcare, many people hope of the best healthcare, but only a few people can access the best health care.The case of service provision has to be upgraded in a way that fulfillsthe standard mark of quality (Healthy People, 2020).

            The motivation strategy of the MedStar health care is to make sure that there is a provision of better health to the public and a free of charge basis. The innovation strategy that the companyis using is the maximum utility ofthe technological advancementat their disposal to ensure that there is a better provision of services that may add up to their professionalism. The people’sstrategy is to buildup trust in the people as the best service providers when it comes to matters of health care and treatment. These strategies are one of the most significant in helping drive a company forward. It is more than a motivational factor that leads the company to a common goal. As a result, a company that lacks a fortified strategyis that which is running on a time bomb. They not only may not know where they are heading, it becomes so hard for them to tell whether they have reached their achievementsor they have fallen short. Stakeholders build more trust in a company that is welldefined in terms of strategy and mechanism that will enable them to reach theirobjectives (Mitchell et al., 2016). A well laid out plan fromthe management of anyinstitutionis essential in catapulting the company in a direction they so wish to head to. According toMitchell et al. (2016), the supervision of a companyis not just about the profits or the power, and it is about the service to the people and consumers. When the consumers are contented about the products and services that are being offered in their direction, the company is building more trust in the people and, therefore, will get more consumers (Mitchell et al., 2016). When a company lacks a better plan, they lose consumers.


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