Medicine and Health: Tinnitus Essay

Medicine and Health: Tinnitus Essay.

Medicine and Health: Tinnitus Essay

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choose evidenced-based treatments

look for alternative treatments and their adverse effects

Disease Tinnitus

  • Provide a brief description of Tinnitus and the evidence-based treatment recommendations.
  • Describe what alternative, homeopathic, or supplemental therapy you found for tinnitus
  • Provide the risks and benefits of the alternative, homeopathic, or supplemental therapy. A supplemental therapy I found is called Arches Tinnitus formula. It has been around for some time and patients are using it. You can discuss other therapies you find
  • Describe the implications to practice including any interactions, side effects, or adverse reactions that may interfere with the treatment of other comorbidities.
  • Discuss if there is sufficient evidence to convince you that it is safe to recommend the alternative, homeopathic, or supplemental therapy if a patient refuses traditional treatments for the condition you selected.

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Tinnitus refers to the discernment of a sound without an external source. It manifests as a ringing in one or both ears perceived inside or outside the head (Bauer, 2018). The sound can be described as a humming, cicada-like sound, static, tonal ringing, hissing, or roaring. Tinnitus has two categories, subjective or objective. In objective tinnitus, the sound is produced in the body by spontaneous cochlear secretions, blood flow, or muscle contractions detectable and measurable by an external monitor. It is quite uncommon compared to Subjective Tinnitus (Bauer, 2018). There are evidence-based treatment recommendations for Tinnitus and alternative, homeopathic, or supplemental therapy available with benefits and risks as discussed in this paper.

Tinnitus is quite common, recorded in 25% of adults above 18 years in diverse nationalities. However, 10% of those cases are not severe. Tinnitus interferes with emotions, sleep, social enjoyment, and concentration, and is also connected with hearing loss (Bauer, 2018).  The evidence-based treatment recommendation for Tinnitus is Acoustic Stimulation. It uses sound in diverse forms and magnitudes to alleviate neural activity in the primary auditory structures hence reversing the maladaptive changes in the maintenance of auditory neural activity (Bauer, 2018). Acoustic Stimulation works based on the notion that hearing loss instigates homeostatic compensatory exchanges in the central structures (central auditory gain) to sustain auditory neural tasks. Medications like antidepressants, antiepileptics, anesthetics, and anxiolytics are also used to treat Tinnitus.

Additionally, psychological therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), hypnosis, and biofeedback training are equally effective in treating Tinnitus. (Bauer, 2018). They improve the psychological well-being of patients by reducing depression and anxiety.

Arches Tinnitus formula is a supplemental therapy for Tinnitus (Keate, n.d). It comprises three vital ingredients, which are pharmaceutical-grade Ginkgo biloba Extract, deodorized garlic, and zinc picolinate. Each of these ingredients has various actions. Ginkgo biloba Extract (GbE) entails complex flavonoids, bilobalide, and lactones, which work collaboratively to generate a host of neurological and vascular reactions (Keate, n.d). GbE is particularly useful in Tinnitus due to its neuroprotection and glutamate antagonism, antioxidant effects, and increased circulation in the microcapillaries, which feed the brain, eyes, and ears (Keate, n.d). Secondly, Deodorized garlic has many benefits in Tinnitus. It enhances blood circulation, decreases the build-up of plaque on the blood vessels walls, prevents arteriosclerosis (stiffening of the arteries), and decreases lipid (fat) blood levels. Also, it maintains blood flow, essential in repairing damage and expelling toxins from the cochlea.

On the other hand, Zinc Picolinate is essential in the immune’s system normal functioning. The cochlea contains the highest zinc levels (Keate, n.d). However, zinc deficiency causes many problems, such as a weak immune system and Tinnitus. Therefore supplementation of zinc is essential in the treatment of Tinnitus because of its antioxidant properties.

Notably, the Arches Tinnitus formula has some risks.  For instance, continuous use of zinc above 50mg daily can lead to the deficiency of manganese and copper since it competes with them for absorption. Consequently, copper and iron deficiency can cause anemia, and manganese deficiency leads to bone loss (Keate, n.d). Arches Tinnitus formula can thus interfere with the treatment of other comorbidities like anemia and bone loss, which can aggravate. There is sufficiently convincing evidence that it is safe to recommend Arches Tinnitus formula supplemental therapy if a patient refuses traditional treatments for Tinnitus.   

In short, research shows that the Arches Tinnitus Formula ingredients are an essential well-tolerated, and safe remedy applicable for ear noises conditions of diverse genesis and durations. Notably, 4-5 bottles of Arches Tinnitus formula used for 3-4 months effectively treat tinnitus (Keate, 2010). Michael Seidman, a consulting physician, writes, “It has been my experience in treating Tinnitus with Arches Tinnitus Formula that approximately 5% of my patients enjoy a complete reduction of Tinnitus, 75% experience a varying reduction of symptoms, and 20% remain unchanged. Approximately half my patients are satisfied with their results and elect to continue taking the products, requiring no further treatment from me.” (Keate, 2010). That is adequate evidence that Arches Tinnitus Formula is effective like the traditional treatments for Tinnitus.



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