Medical History and Theory Matters Essay

Medical History and Theory Matters Essay.

Medical History and Theory Matters Essay

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Today we define medicine as “the science and practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease” (Wikipedia accessed on September 6, 2021). This definition presents medicine as a monolithic science built upon theory and practice. The second primary goal of our course is to give a historical depth to the state of medicine and the medical profession today. Celsus lived at the turn of the first millennium and wrote the first medical textbook for beginners. Scholars are skeptical that Celsus was a practicing physician, and yet his passionate engagement with medical knowledge is contagious. Read the opening chapters of his On Medicine and articulate your opinion whether or not medical education today should include history of medicine and medical theory or not. Back up your opinion with specific references to Celsus’ text.

Only use pdf provided as reference.

Requirements: 300 words

Medical History and Theory Matters In The Study Of Medicine

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Medical History and Theory Matters In The Study Of Medicine.

While medicine is the science and practice of diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease, I believe the history of medicine in medical practice plays a significant role in its effective and efficient approach. Hence, it is paramount that medical education incorporates medical history and medical theory, as discussed in this paper.

Celsus (PDF) believes that those who uphold medical theory in their practice are well acquainted with the unseen causes of diseases, the evident causes of diseases, the natural actions of the body, and the internal parts. Accordingly, it would also be significantly difficult for a person uninformed on the genesis of diseases to treat them effectively. While that is true in its regard, it does not also disregard the importance of experience in medical practice. Medical history, theory, and experience go hand in hand in effectively treating diseases. As such, it is most necessary to investigate how diseases emerge and thrive and the factors that fuel their blossoming, including even occult causes, to develop the best and most efficient remedies.  

Notably, medical history is enormously helpful in unveiling the fact that medical practice methods vary depending on the complexion of localities and the causes of diseases in those localities (Celsus, PDF). Subsequently, there are unique methods for Rome, Gaul, and Egypt since causes of diseases differ depending on localities, warranting different forms of intervention.

In short, effective medical practitioners have succeeded in treating their patients majorly through exploring and particularly digging into medical history to deduce what has worked before and gained experience from what has succeeded in the past. With the help of medical history, even if new maladies emerged today, medical practitioners would assess which diseases they are similar to and make trials of remedies that have succeeded in the past of such illnesses, eventually finding a cure or intervention for the emergent diseases (Celsus, PDF). Perhaps, this could explain why it barely took a year to develop the vaccine for the new Covid-19 after its emergence. Therefore, a medical history significantly matters in the study of medicine.



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