Measures of Excellence: Technical Document Essay

Measures of Excellence: Technical Document Essay.

 Measures of Excellence: Technical Document Essay

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I need someone to help with completing an analysis on the brochure attached below. To complete the analysis you will use the Measure of Excellence in Technical Documents which is also attached below. After the analysis a 2 page memo has to be completed. All the instructions are also below.

Requirements: 2 pages  

Course Brochure Rhetorical Analysis Memo



Subject: Measures of Excellence in a Technical Document


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this memo is to analyse a general education brochure, using the nine measures of excellence and eventually give reconditions for improvement. The brochure was prepared by the administration staff of West Coast University to guide their new students on what to expect from the semester.


The brochure aims to address and guide the Bs nursing class on what they should expect to encounter throughout the semester. The booklet is a concise way that all students can access important information about their course. The whole idea of creating this brochure was to communicate to all affected students about the system briefly.  The booklet also expressed how the semester should look regarding the number of units and how to teach them.


The brochure’s design divided the information into three distinct categories in one leaflet. One was creating a topic that would catch the eye of all affected students, which would attract them to read the document. The design meant that it presented the subject in a larger font that would automatically attract the reader’s eyes to ensure that they immediately knew who the document was targeting. Secondly, the paper gives bullet points about the critical information about the course, which the targeted reader should note to go through the semester smoothly. This section summarizes essential information into a brief and precise message aimed at the reader to get important information in a short time. Lastly, the writer breaks down the target students’ academic units in the semester/term. The writer eventually uses colors that are thematic to the reader to ensure that they can relate to the document with ease and that the document is attractive enough to ensure that the reader is attracted to it.


The brochure fails to deliver clarity to the reader because the information provided is scattered all over. The writer fails to organize information so that the reader can quickly receive the information communicated. The units are overlapping in the units column, and the students will have a complex time understanding which team is meant for which semester in that term. The unit codes in the brochure are randomly inputted, which brings more confusion in capturing the information, e.g., registering units in that semester. The information provided in the pamphlet fails to bring clarity to the reader’s mind because the information provided is not clear to the reader. The writer refers to terms unfamiliar to the reader, like general education courses without prior knowledge of what they refer to. This work would have been addressed ensuring all units lie in that category are labeled, and the reader can easily refer. This clarity will lead to the brochure not delivering a clear message or even miscommunicate some information to the reader.


The information contained in the brochure fails to give information to the students of the Bs Nursing class of West Coast University comprehensively.. Report such as units provided while failing to provide information on facts like how many hours they should entail lack of comprehensiveness in the document. The brochure fails to provide self-contained details that a student can take away and use properly.


The brochure has failed to present an excellent appearance to the reader, which reflects poorly on the document’s writer. Poor arrangement and use of deferent fonts are a lousy representation of the University of South Coast and the professor designing the document. Appearance is key to attracting more readers to such an institution, and failure to achieve a professional appearance ensures failure in achieving the goal. The document also contains unedited shapes and highlights that obstruct the essential information for no apparent reason. This appearance distracts the reader of the paper from concentrating on the critical information in the brochure. The document’s writer should arrange the information accordingly. The institution font and colors are used throughout the documents so that the targeted audience can relate to the record. The appearance, in many cases, means everything to the reader and, therefore, should be perfect.


Despite the document being poorly done, a significant amount of information is communicated to the reader. Information about the institution, course, units and the semester duration can be deducted from the brochure. Any reader who reads the document will gather a significant amount of information about who the paper addresses and what information to take home.


The accuracy of the information in the brochure has missed the mark and may end up causing challenges in the planning of the reader.  Information like the duration of a semester and term has a significant inaccuracy in how they are represented. Twenty weeks is translated to 5 months, while the fact is that 20 weeks represent 4.6 months.  Information like it must be taken at west coast university fails to give accuracy in which campus or even which/what must be taken at west coast university. All this inaccuracy might end up affecting the plans of students who will read this brochure eventually. This inaccuracy may be expensive or annoying to students in issues like booking their hostels.


 The document appears to be presented in an online setup for viewing by students. An online platform is a good place for a record to be accessed by a modern student in West Coast University and other universities worldwide. The platform allows more students to access the document rather than when it is in a physical location. This document, therefore, ends up reaching all students who are on or off compass, which means the information gets more students. As demonstrated in the online class screenshot, students are logged in and can access the document.


The creator of the brochure tries to reduce the words while conveying the message as much as possible. A statement like Bs in nursing is a short version of a bachelor’s of science in nursing, which many readers can easily understand without being too wordy. Conciseness ensures that the reader receives information quickly and without reading a lot of content. A very wordy brochure may become monotonous to the reader, and they eventually deter the reader from reading the entire document due to time constraints or boredom.


The brochure uses the English language, and the grammar and punctuation have been used well. A well-written document ensures that the reader quickly understands the information by reading without challenges. The brochure has also reflected well about the writer and their capability of expressing knowledge and using a written document. This has made the document not confuse its readers. It is also through correctness that a certain level of professionalism has been demonstrated in the brochure.


As much as the brochure has failed to achieve high levels of honesty as the writer intended, I can trace a significant level of openness in the document. The writer has tried to ensure that they relay truthful information as much as possible to the reader. Dishonesty ends up giving false information to the reader and may eventually piss off a reader in the long run and make them develop a lack of trust in the document.


The document writer should ensure that the brochure communicates accurate, well arranged, and clear information in the booklet. How well the audience receives the report should be based on the simple basics of information presentation. Any writer who disregards such information will fail to deliver the goals from the target audience.

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