Marketing Strategies by RAZERS Inc Essay

Marketing Strategies by RAZERS Inc Essay.

Marketing Strategies by RAZERS Inc Essay

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Attached is the outline slide of my presentation. My topic is RAZER’s marketing strategies. Please follow the subtitles and short sentences on each slide, and write a speaker note (expanding and deepening the content) for my presentation. 300 words in total. You may look up some information online.

Requirements: 400 words at most

it is not a very complicated presentation. it is a hot topic presentation. So the speaker note is more like a overview and detailed introduction of the marketing strategy of RAZER.Inc

Marketing Strategies by RAZERS. Inc

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Marketing Strategies by RAZERS. Inc

One of the marketing strategies used by razer is a marketing mix whereby the company steps into other markets trying to experiment since consumers believe in razer to be a brand, making it easier to develop bleeding-edge technology. In the process of market mixing, razes ensure to maintain a healthy relationship with its supporters by treating them right. According to “How Razer Became the Go-To Brand for Gaming Gear” (2021), razer tackled its supply chain problems by converting its manufacturing lines to start producing masks since their staff, together with the rest of the community, required surgical masks due to the pandemic. Like any other business, marketing plays an essential part in the success of their business; hence razers choose to employ 4P strategies. To enhance the marketing of their goods, razers use the 4P strategy, which includes being the first company to create a game-specific computer mouse, having a gamer’s first motto, expanding to other markets, and being open with the community, especially when there are mistakes online. Consequently, razer uses the strategies for marketing for segmenting markets, such as geographic segmentation in the placement of their main bases. Razer uses the three-step model of segmentation, targeting, and positioning, examining their products and services to the specific customer segments. The consumer sees razer as a brand, and hence the company ensures o maintain its good name to the consumers by ensuring that their needs are first met before anything. The razer, therefore, is open with the online community where they address all the issues affecting the company to the consumers without covering up for any abnormalities. They have a customer come first policy where the priority is the consumers even before the company thinks of its personal needs; hence before they proceed with anything, they first meet the consumer’s needs. The company’s success is based on it giving serious gamers what they want and need when they want it and need it. In the market industry, Razers Company holds a strong future in the gaming industry. Using the marketing strategies discussed above, the company will keep opening its online shops to participate in the market mix since the customer already views it as a brand. With the help of the market mix, the company will grow the number of its users by selling goods and products of different kinds. The online shops will help the company engage with its customers by providing their needs and ensuring that they prioritise them.


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