Marketing Discussion Quiz Essay

Marketing Discussion Quiz Essay.

Marketing Discussion Quiz Essay

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Watch the videos What is Cause Marketing and Why Cause Marketing is Important in the LEARN section for this week. httzps://…

A cause marketing campaign is a promotional effort between a for-profit brand and a not-for-profit charity to build positive awareness of the for-profit brand. When the consumer buys the for-profit brand, a portion of the sale generally goes to the charity. Thus, the consumer feels good in supporting the charity and this positive goodwill is then carried over to the brand. This is one of the reasons why the strategic choice of the charity is so important. All three of these elements must be included for a cause marketing campaign so everyone wins!

Research and discuss a cause marketing campaign that impressed you. In your discussion include:

  • the for-profit brand,
  • the charity (not for profit),
  • why this association works to support the for-profit brand, and
  • how the consumer is involved through a purchase.

Provide your research specific to this cause marketing campaign through a reference or source that is formatted using APA or SWS guidelines. Simply copying and pasting a link does not follow these guidelines and is considered plagiarism by Strayer.

Read and respond to at least one (1) of your classmate’s posts with a thoughtful, engaging or challenging response.

Requirements: As long it takes to complete the question

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A partnership between a for-profit company and a nonprofit organization for a shared good is known as cause marketing. Cause marketing may also refer to for-profit companies’ social or charity efforts. Typically, a company’s corporate social responsibility will be boosted by its affiliation with a nonprofit. Cause marketing is important as it attracts the stakeholders, the employees, the suppliers, and the consumers. In today’s discussion, I choose the initiative below to help break down and explain cause marketing even further. 

The for-profit brand 

The for-profit brand is the Warby parker brand which deals with spectacles. Warby Parker was founded on the premise of reinventing what a company and industry can be. Doing good—having a positive influence on the world—became a guiding concept and is still one of the company’s fundamental principles today. As a result of COVID-19, the company had to reinvent itself in every part of the business, including finding new methods to help underserved populations. In certain situations, the organization has been forced to start from scratch. Since the epidemic broke, the brand has given personal protective equipment to the National Association of Free and charitable clinics, NYU Langone Health, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City (Parker, 2020). 

The charity (Not for profit)

The brand’s Buy a Pair, Give a Pair initiative, the non-profitable program, has donated over eight million pairs of spectacles to those in need. Some of the eyewear distribution has been temporarily halted owing to COVID-19. In other situations, the organization is modifying current programs to address pressing demands. The brand has spent a decade focusing its good deeds on making vision services more accessible to the world. It has also partnered with a few partners worldwide through the brands Buy a Pair, Give a Pair initiative to ensure that a pair is delivered to someone in need for every pair of purchased glasses. COVID-19, on the other hand, continues to represent a severe threat to the organizational residents, health professionals, and partners in low-income areas, artisan clusters, and densely populated areas in many of the nations where the company supports vision access initiatives.

Why this association works to support the for-profit brand

The association works to support the Warber parker brand as it ensures the success of the initiative and benefitting of many other people who may be in need of the spectacles.  While the organization will continue to help distribute glasses whenever feasible without endangering the community’s and partners’ health, public health and safety must remain a primary concern (Parker, 2020). The corporate donations are also used by different health organizations to offer home hygiene kits and set up hand-washing stations.

First and foremost, the brand provides crucial assistance for the community to cope with long-term or immediate situations, particularly in underprivileged areas where charity partners operate. The brands refocused finance guarantees that they will return safely to the vision services, provide critical support during critical times, and share their continued expertise. Like so many others, the organization had no clue how much these unusual circumstances would affect our Buy a Pair, Give a Pair participants and partners (Parker, 2020). The company’s ultimate objective is to offer eyesight to everyone, and it is working to ensure that all of its glasses distribution programs are carried out securely. Meanwhile, the brand continues to improve cooperation with its partners, improve communal interaction, and address issues that arise due to various acts and the pandemic and unpredictable times.

Consumer involvement through the purchase

By purchasing the spectacles, the consumers are directly involved in the caused marketing-based campaign as they are important people. For each pair bought by them, one of the pairs goes to the charity. The move makes the consumer the primary initiators of the initiative, and so is its success. 


Parker, W. (2020) Updates to our Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program. Retrieved from

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