Major Components of The Medicare and Medicaid

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Identify three major components of the Medicare and Medicaid programs and, based on these components, identify at least two patient coverage gaps for each of the programs. Be clear when you describe the coverage and the gaps as they may relate to specific ages, patient populations, or disease entities. Use primary sources to identify the components and the gaps. Additionally, discuss your stand (criticize or defend) regarding the relevance of the Social Security program to the American public. Should the program be left alone, modified, drastically changed, or eliminated? Provide the rationale and use facts to defend your position.

Medicare and Medicaid

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Medicare and Medicaid

Medicaid and Medicare programs work to provide individuals with health coverage and lower costs. Both programs target people with disability, the old 65+ years of age, and individuals with very low income. The three major components of the two programs include provider networks, time period of enrollment, and qualifying events. The patient coverage gaps for Medicare include the fact that this program does not cover custodial care. Also, it lacks the cost coverage for long-term support services hence individuals are expected to purchase supplementary insurance. Medicaid also has gaps that include each state establishing its own guidelines for qualification and enrolment thus an individual may qualify in one state but not another. It promotes inequality in the system of this program (Albertson, 2020). The coverage gap of the Medicaid program affects poor older adults because of the temporary limit on the drug plan.

The social security program provides both stability and security to the Americans who are retired, the disables as well as the children and widowed spouses of deceased workers. it is relevant because it gives a solid foundation of income on which workers can plan for retirement. Policymakers need to modify the social security program and ore importantly they should address the program’s long-term shortfall. It can be done by increasing Social securities tax revenues (Center, 2017). Proposals to raise the full retirement age to 68 or 70 would not be good for workers. it is for this reason that only a few modifications should be made to this program. Mostly it should be left alone and improvements made on the policies already in play. Moreover, social security benefits should not be taxed because that aim is to improve or maintain the living standards of retired workers.


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