Macroeconomics case study sample essay

Macroeconomics case study sample essay.

Macroeconomics case study sample essay

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Comparative advantage occurs when a person or country can produce a good or service at a lower opportunity cost than others. In other words, a country or a region should specialize in producing and selling those items that it can produce at a lower opportunity cost than other regions. Discuss how the concept of comparative advantage or specialization is  biblically rooted. In other words, how could those economic concepts be applied to serving the Christian community in different forms and roles (1 Corinthian 12).


The bible states clearly that different individuals have different gifts and talents and these talents are unique. God gives one a talent and another person the gift in order to make that talent work.  The gift of healing is given to somebody and the other person the gift of faith and with faith the gift of healing can work on someone who is sick.  All these gifts work towards glorifying the same God and at no cost. The people with gifts are given freely by God and should use the gifts to serve others freely.

The people with gifts are like the countries with capability to produce goods that other countries are unable to produce and they are required to sell the products to the unable countries at a cost they can afford. Economically, these concepts can be applied to serve people in a way that everyone is treated equally and products sold to each at a fair price.

Some countries are able to produce so many men who can preach the word of God and are required to go to other countries and safe lost souls at no cost. The countries should specialize in what they can produce best so as to produce more and help the fellow human beings to get what they cannot have easily.

Able countries can also help other countries which are unable to produce in knowing the secret and methods of producing by their own and this will help people be self independent. By doing this, a good community is created. The bible teaches that what we have was freely given and it is good to share with others who are less fortunate.

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