Literacy: Empowering Prisoners Sample Essay

Literacy: Empowering Prisoners Sample Essay.

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Annotated bibliography: education in prison

Topic: How literacy empowers prisoners, and how it changes them?

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Literacy: Empowering Prisoners Sample Essay

How Literacy have Empowered Prisoners

Literacy can be defined as the state of being able to read, write and communicate effectively. A literate person is able to read something, analyze and understand it. Prisoners are the best choice because people in outside world expect a change from them when they are outside.  It is therefore important for prisoner to be literate since they will be able to know the world around them and their rights as prisoners too. Several articles of different scholars have been written to show how prisoners benefit differently from being educated. Some of the benefits prisoners get from being educated are: the chances of getting employed are high, Sociology studies helps in transforming their lives and lastly keeping contacts with their families.

Educated Prisoners Are Less Likely to Return to Prison. Journal of Correctional Education, 2004, vol. 55, no. 4, 2004,  pp. 297–305.,

Prisons offer rehabilitation programs and apart from this, they also offer educational programs to the prisoners which have empowered and changed the life of many after their release from prisons. The article by James S. Vacca confirms that many prisoners who receive educational programs are less likely to return to the prisoners.  Furthermore, the educational program offered aims at instilling some skills which are needed for employment in the outside world. Prisoners who participate in that program will be able to improve their capabilities and can secure jobs after their release (Vacca 301). In this way, their lives will be changed positively.

The Benefits Of Teaching Sociology To Prisoners, Patricia E. Erickson,Teaching Sociology 29.3 (2001): 343. Web.

In this article by Patricia E. Erickson, the writer tries to tell us how the prisoners benefit from being taught about the concept of sociology (Erickson 343). As far as other writers would believe that lack of employment is the cause of several arrests, Patricia sees the power in the study of sociology. The article states that the teaching of sociology gives the prisoner-students an opportunity to apply reflexivity as well as the class room materials to help them in mounting critical consciousness. The prisoner-students are able to integrate the concept of sociology and their lives together. With the knowledge on sociology, they will be able to reflect back on their lives and can change to better citizens.

Making A Difference In Prison With Storybook Dads – Ako Aotearoa”. Pearce, Charles, and Alexandra Fusco, N.p., 2017. Web. 14 Apr. 2017

The website introduces a new program called “Storybook Dad” which is embedded with literacy skills. The program has enabled men prisoners to make DVDs so that they could reach their children and maintain that contact while they are in prison (Pearce and Fusco). With the knowledge of this program and how it works, men prisoners are able to hold onto their parenting responsibilities even when they seem to be miles away from their families. They are able to read favorite storybooks to their children through this program. The DVDs are then delivered to the owners during Easter periods or father’s day or even Christmas days as presents to the children. Family is paramount to everyone and is always a priority and through this program, men prisoners have the knowledge to reach their children.

In conclusion, literacy is important not to the free people alone but also to the prisoners. Some of the prisoners are even young people who are found with crimes like drugs activities and when in prisons, they gave up all their dreams and feel that their lives have reached to the end. Education programs like the college studies offered in prisoners help them in pursuing their studies and all their years after custody they will be able to live happily. Today’s world value education and literacy because without it, one cannot even secure any job at all. Prisoners have been empowered by education and can live a happy live after release.

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