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learn magazine Article Review Essay.




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According to the 2009 article (learn magazine), the author emphasizes on the fact that one takes a great amount of time to put together curricular materials. It takes weeks to shape classroom materials for online students. As a teacher online has to invest time in learning class management systems.

            According to 2019 article (engaging learners in an online environment), the depth and quality of engagement of the students are determinants of learning outcomes. It is argued that the learner has to be physically oriented towards the teacher or course work materials.  For an online session, this will entail manipulation and accessing reading materials posted ones and submitting assignments.

            Slide 2. Online teaching

            Online teaching offers flexibility to students with commitments such as family and work. Online teaching ensures effectiveness in the courses offered as the courses are developed in a systematic way.

            Slide 3. Online teaching platform

Technology provides a platform for online teaching. The Internet offers a faster means of communicating. Students use these platforms to interact and communicate with their desired professionals. Live learning introduces a human element which increases engagement.

Slide 4. Online teaching effectiveness

Learners who are no self-sufficient and who are majorly used traditional modes of teacher and classroom environment benefit too. Learner’s engagement to their coursework is enhanced through a thoughtfully designed online teaching. Learning outcomes fully depend on the student’s depths and quality of engagement to the learning environment. Online teaching offers a great number of tools. It is important for one to know how to balance what is necessary. One has to factor in students who might have barriers with technology while interacting with all the tools used.

Slide 5. Online teaching versus regular teaching

For successful online teaching, one has to learn and familiarize with the classroom management system. How to use assessments and incorporating discussion within the system. Decisions such as how to grade students, how to motivate students to engage in discussions and the structuring, maintenance and operation of the online are some of the countless decisions to be made.


The workload in an online classroom is similar to that one of the regular and traditional mode. One can still argue that more work is done in online teaching as the bulk of the work in traditional setting class the instructor will do while with the students. However, this is different in an online setting as work is distributed. Students work at different times during the week while an activity that takes less time in a regular classroom might take longer as students are not online together.


Everson, M. (2019). 10 Things I’ve Learned About Teaching Online. Learn Magazine, 4-5. Retrieved from

Hollingshead, A., & Chellman, D. (2019). Engaging Learners in Online Environments Utilizing Universal Design for Learning Principles. LEARN MAGAZINE. Retrieved from

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