Leadership Management Sample Essay

Leadership Management Sample Essay

Leadership Management Sample Essay

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An effective leader must possess the skills, emotional intelligence, and knowledge base to influence and convince the members of the organization to not only adopt, but to become advocates for the change that the leader seeks to implement.

In order for one to develop the leadership skills that are required to affect change within the organization, one must become familiar with a variety of approaches previously utilized by successful leaders and managers in organizational transformation.

For this assignment, utilize the Rasmussen Business Library resource to research a business case study of an organization going through strategic change. Then research two leadership strategies that have been used to successfully drive organizational change during the past 10 years. Once you have located these strategies, write a paper analyzing the effectiveness of each strategy, and relate how effective management strategy alone may well be challenged to achieve desired change without effective leadership.

In your analysis, address the following:

  • Identify and research two leadership strategies.
  • Develop a description of the leadership strategies.
  • Formulate an overview of how the strategy is used and rate its effectiveness.
  • Argue whether the strategy is still relevant and effective in present day organizations. Why or Why not?
  • Describe how management alone will fall short of achieving desired organizational change without all levels of leadership effectively operating in their rolls.

Please identify these strategies from references found in the Rasmussen College Library.

Assignment Requirements are as follows:

  1. The body of the paper should be 2-3 pages.
  2. The paper should include an APA formatted cover page and reference page.
  3. The paper should include at least two peer-reviewed sources, such as journal articles from the Rasmussen Library.
  4. The paper should be proofread for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

A note about peer reviewed resources: A peer-review is a process by which a scholarly work (such as a paper or a research proposal) is checked by a group of experts in the same field to make sure it meets the necessary standards before it is published or accepted.

Requirements: Please be very thorough and detailed. Also APA formatted.

Leadership Management                                        

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Leadership Management                                                                          

The two leadership strategies that get required in a leader include effective communication and action plans. The commitment of leaders ensures goals of promoting change in the management of an organization get achieved. Foremost, the communication skills of the leaders in an organization need to get reviewed.  It improves the process of conveying information. Positive communications skills by leaders assist in the growth of business goals. Improving the conditions of leadership styles used in organization would promote efficient change. Promoting a common vision in achieving the goals of a company would promote achievement of outstanding goals in the future. The vision would enhance productivity and innovation changes that each department would instigate for improvement. Leaders who tend to improve the situation of activities that needs to get changed in firms provide the required direction. The philosophies of decision-making can get improved through efficient communication methods (Sousa & van Dierendonck, 2017). Employees tend to express commitment on a leader who uses servant leadership to communicate. Leaders who use appropriate communication methods can improve the condition of working in organizations.

Secondly, leadership requires improvement to create changes in the action plans settings that needs to get developed for growth.  The leadership will involve developing set goals and action plans that can get achieved easily within an organization. Productivity will get improved when achievable goals and action plans get developed to create change. A great leader will get in a position to develop action plans that are significant in ensuring that an organization can make fast development in the kind of activities it may get geared towards. Proper improvement must get made to help in achieving goals and action plans set.

Communication strategies can get used to building teamwork amongst people and provision of tasks. Leaders with effective communication skills have developed outstanding growth and changes within the companies they lead (Dr. Cad Shannon, 2018). The high rating for use of effective communication strategies in organizations is significant. Also, the use of action plans to make changes in management is needed to steer development. Action plans create a set of goals and objectives that must get achieved by a company. Action plans can get a rating of 8/10 because it is a necessity. Making plans have developed changes that adhere to the regulations of a company to achieve a robust structure.

The strategy of using effective communication is relevant to the present day. It needs to get emulated by leaders in other firms. Productivity amongst workers gets increased when communication gets performed through understanding their cultures. Effective communication would manage workplace ambiance that prevents misunderstanding from colleagues (Dr. Cad Shannon, 2018). Strong career growth would get promoted to ensure understanding of the traditions and cultures of workers. The communication and relationship building must get increased in organizations to improve their developments. Promotion of better communication would help strategize the performance of tasks. Good communication through the agile approach is flexible and can result in making changes in the project performed. Team members can make flexible communication that allows making changes when in need of performing something differently.

Failure of the leadership strategies would lead to the fall of organizational changes in an organization (Michael & Amy C. Edmondson, 2021). Communication breakdown would prevent the creation of teamwork and cohesion amongst employees that confuse. Conflicts and misunderstandings would get prevented from taking place amongst workers. Direction for the organization would not get produced within most tasks getting affected. Differences would get instigated amongst employees and promote discourse to achieve goals in the organization. Besides, the lack of action plans makes organizations fail and not achieve their mission and objectives. Organizations that contain leaders without action plans set tend to mislead developments and changes.


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