Law : Criminal Justice Case Study

Law : Criminal Justice Case Study.



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Law : Criminal Justice

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Imagine that you are a police investigator, and you are interviewing a victim in a sexual assault case. The victim is understandably shaken and is having a hard time answering your questions. What are some things you could do to help the victim calm down a bit and feel more comfortable answering?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.

When conducting an interview with a rape victim, it is necessary to select an environment that makes them feel comfortable. As a police investigator, I would change the setting in which I am conducting the interview as the police environment can be traumatizing for some. Conducting an interview at the victim’s house would be the right choice for a setting only if that’s not where the sexual assault happened. If interviewing at the police station, and the session causes discomfort to the rape victim, it would be good to take a walk outside to take a break from the interview. It is also important to keep reassuring them of your support and their protection to keep them calm.

            To calm the victim down, it’s good to continually let them know that they are not to blame for the rape and also keep telling them that there is no justification of such a case. Some victims feel uncomfortable revealing details of the ordeal and so constantly reassure them of your confidentiality to any information that they disclose to you. Informing them of your confidentiality calms them down and builds a trust such that they can disclose more information freely. It’s also necessary to avoid asking them to reconstruct the crime scene and the whole situation that led to the sexual assault. Judgmental comments make the victim feel uncomfortable while answering interview questions, and hence, they should be avoided.

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