Journal Post Essay Sample Paper

Journal Post Essay Sample Paper.


journal 8

pages: 1

deadline: 3hrs

Should be at minimum of 300 words.

I am going to provide the writers with all the documents are related to the question.

Journal Post

The essay covers issues on the forgiveness of student loans, threatening to crash the American economy. Student loans in colleges and other tertiary institutions have been an object of the campaign that is yet to be countered accordingly. The issue at hand is almost similar to the housing bubble, and researchers suggest immediate action towards the problem before it haunts the American economy as a whole. Student loans have barred the majority of the post beneficiaries from investing or doing anything commendable with their lives. Generally, most of their time is set aside to work and redeem their credit scores through the payment of the loans. The author projects looming danger if the issue will not be handled with immediate effect.

The author claims that education should be a key to prosperous life ranging from an individual of all social and economic backgrounds. However,setting the bar high for the less privileged in America adds more economic problems to the American economic system.The loan forgiveness act 2012 is validation that millions of learners have been overpaying for their loans due to government interference.I find the arguments being convincing, and I  agree with the author. The solidity of the ideologies is valid. Thus, one cannot limit the efforts to contain the condition since it is a possible menace that can haunt America’s progress.

The essay has enforced a previous position I had regarding the student loans. Americans’ financial debt in student loans is currently reading high values, which can be countered through combined government efforts. I am encouraged to think more about the solace as compared to the current existing situation. Moreover, I only have one question that I would wish to address in research or scholarly essay. In particular, how can higher education be made affordable, fro future students through suitable policies?

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