Journal entry Sample Essay Paper

Journal entry Sample Essay Paper.

Journal entry Sample Essay Paper

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Below I shared pictures of the text and the rubric/questions that need to be answered. THANK YOU

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Journal entry

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Journal entry

The passage that stands out to me is when the authors say that, “Memory does know she’s about, even as she issues her unmoored invitations, returning us to the salt of early oceans, the lull of nursery rhymes, paths once travelled through green fields, the feel of august surging, insects and corn tassels brushing against bare legs as we return to a house lit against the coming night (Biss et al., 2016). The above passage explains what Memory can do and how it is compared to the green field bearing the appropriate conscience and lighting up an individual’s life. Something that I do not understand is when the author explains that the girl, with all her abilities and her understanding of the plant cycles and botany, not be able to know and wait for a flower to bloom from a ragged plant as she stays for a boy next door to say her name, not in a commanding manner and also not like a song. She is told to be waiting for all that unless the world tilts on its axis.

Why does the author use bathroom to explain the privacy setting of the girl? The author describes the privacy setting of the girl throughout the poem to show how the girl used the bathroom as a private entity. The bathroom also represents the only private room in the house and is significant in the entire context. The writer’s choice to explain the girls’ snaring by the boys is seen to be of importance as it is not a high drama. The writers say that it is like the rules of the jungle and that people should be able to live with it, whether it is affecting them positively or negatively, giving the essay a proper meaning and explanation of the importance of coping with situations (Biss et al., 2016). The insights that help me develop my reading and thinking skills is how the author chooses his words and how they interconnect to form perfect sentences. The other thing is how clear the statements are as they explain how best to survive appropriately and what should be expected. The essay that connects to this piece of writing is the porcelain god as both the author have proper sentences construction and word choice giving the reader the urge to continue reading and going with the flow. In my own experiences, I accept that girls should get used to snaring as this is a free world, and everybody is allowed to do what they want to do so long as they do not harm anybody. The essay is connected to the girl and school social culture that has been on the note for so long as many of the communities and people do not value the girl child education. Yet, they may be the living star from a faraway place that would salvage many families from poverty.


Biss, E., Borich, B. J., Castro, J., Foster, P., Livingston, S., Mori, K., … & Díaz, J. (2016). Waveform: twenty-first-century essays by women. University of Georgia Press.

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