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Interpersonal Communication Essay.



interpersonal communication

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hi yea I’m still here, English isn’t my first language , this is the last general course to take before I graduating , I have tried to write the first two essays, spent a lot of time

but didn’t get good grades on them

but I don’t want to let this general course drag my gpa

so the first two essays , I give many personal examples my professor that it’s not good balance , she can’t see I understand the content of the chapter of textbook

I can only use one personal example

blind in with the concepts of that chatper

by the way you can use one or two references from the images .

Interpersonal Communication

Language plays a major role in communication by pulling people together and enriching their relationships. It also differentiates people who do not use it properly or at all from those that do. As much as language helps us achieve a variety of purposes, there are many other ways in which it can vary in its form. Some forms can be all positive and bring about all forms of good outcomes but others are known for the devastating harm they leave behind.

Humor is a form of language that occurs in many different forms. It is noticeable around the world in ordinary conversations, plays, novels, movies, and TV shows. In other words, humor is omnipresent. Humor enhances our interpersonal interactions in many different ways. It can pull us closer and make our social interactions more pleasant and enjoyable. It also reduces stress especially when people are conflicting with one another.  However, it can also be used to demean social and cultural groups. Even when it is made with no intention of offending, those that are told at another individuals expense can bring forth distress and even embarrassment. It can even be passed on as harassment. Therefore, it is important to do a keen follow up on the effect your humorous statements have and whether they are musing or offensive.

Studies done on it has shown it to be inevitable and an important aspect of human social interactions in different areas of our lives. It also serves in different social functions. In language, humor is different from all the other types. In the process of communication, anyone willing to use humor is supposed to follow some principles so as to make sure the conversation goes well. It is also well known that a speaker can mean more than what is said and it is also possible for the listener to get to the intended meaning.

There are a set of assumptions that guide the conduct of a conversation. This outlines four principles where the first one needs the speaker to make their contribution as informative as is required and not more. The second principle advocates for the truth and all that can have supportive evidence. Additionally, relevance is also necessary with the avoidance of ambiguity and obscurity of expression. However, the principles that need to be followed in the process of communication are not followed by everyone. They can be violated intentionally or unintentionally and not alter the success of the communication.

When the information being given is not as informative as it is needed to be, the sense of humor can be felt. On the other hand, when the information is more informative than is required, it is also possible to trace the humor. For instance, an elderly lady is walking through the park when she sees Lavender with a dog. “Does your dog bite?” she asked. “NO.,” said Lavender. When the lady tries to pet the dog; it almost bites her finger off. I thought you said “your dog does not bite!” screamed the elderly lady with blood dripping from her hand. “That is right,” answered Jamie, “my dog does not bite -but that is not my dog.” From this scenario, the elderly lady goes ahead to assume its Lavender’s dog and pet it and after complaining the answer given brings out the humorous effect. However, Lavender does not answer the lady’s question with adequate information. From an alternative scenario, S: Did you notice how my voice filled the hall last night? C: Yes, dear. In fact, I noticed several people leaving to make room for it. From this scenario, the humor is overly evident from a load of information based on the answer given. The first bit of the answer given is enough. Humor is more psychological than it is linguistic. Interpersonal communication brings forth emotional stability, builds long-lasting relationships; it also boosts self-esteem, interactional effectiveness, and responsive engagements.

In conclusion, humor is a part of life. As a phenomenon that is peculiar to people, it can be found anywhere. It can be used to activate the atmosphere, attack, and counter-attack, and even save a person’s own face. In our day to day life, humor is created not only for its sake but also for some special communicative purposes. Power and charm can be found in humor and it can also create a more harmonious and friendly society.  


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