Importance of Art in School Essay.

The Importance of Art in School

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The Importance of Art in School

Art involves a range of human activities such as music, painting, drawing, visual creation, architecture, dance, drama, and theatre performance, among others. Art is an abroad aspect of the society that differs from place to place and culture to culture (Neyestani, 2016). Art is an essential aspect of the community for better growth and bringing up of every human being. The element of art seems to change with time due to the changing cultural behaviors and beliefs. In school’s art is a very common theme since most students undertake technique as a subject. Practice and appreciation of art make students fall in love with art. Even with the development of science in the US, art still has maintained its position since art helps to analyze and interpret difficult situations involved with science. All schools need to encourage students to appreciate art and practicing its activities such as singing, dancing, and painting. Art is important in school but it is advisable for students to take it seriously but not to expect much from it. There are various benefits of students pursuing art at school.

Importance of Art in School Essay.

Enhances Teamwork

Through practicing art activities, students can develop and experience teamwork. In teamwork, each member is supposed to partake in their tasks carefully with connection and help from other members to be able to accomplish a common goal or objective. In art activities such as group performance, students share roles in their play and perform in front of the audience to achieve the purpose of entertaining the crowd (Neyestani, 2016). Through such collaboration, students can develop and improve their ability to work in teams. Art is essential is schools in that through the enhancement of teamwork among students, there is the creation of peace and a conducive environment for studying.

It Helps Develop Leadership Skills.

Practicing art helps students develop and improve their leadership skills. In art studies, students are assigned different roles, depending on the type of art and are expected to accomplish each task. The assigned task identifies them and helps them gain confidence in what they do, thus excellent leadership skills (Neyestani, 2016). In connection with the leadership skills, other skills such as better decision making, planning, and coming up with strategies are developed. Art is essential in schools since it helps students to gain confidence and the ability to lead others. Through crafts, students can improve their ways of been more responsible and managing their time well. The beauty and proportion of art encourage students to partake in each stage in life as important as any role in their art play. The ability to lead takes one to have confidence and accountability to all the responsibilities that come with it.

Improves Students Thinking the Capacity

Art helps students improve their thinking capacity in school. Through art practices such as drama, drawing, painting, and singing, one has to be creative, which involves lots of thinking. The creativity needed, therefore, helps students to broaden their thinking capacity, which may be helpful even in other subjects at school (Neyestani, 2016). For a student to come up with a hypothetical situation and put it down into drawing, it takes lots of thinking, which increases the ability to tackle difficult subjects such as mathematics. There is a direct connection between art and the mind thus improving the critical thinking of students. Through art, students can observe situations, interpret, and come up with solutions. Creativity is essential in schools in that it helps students improve their critical intellectual skills, which helps to learn in other subjects.  Through art, students can develop and enhance new language and communication skills.

Enhances Creativity

Art helps students develop and improve their creativity skills. For one to come up with an idea on technique such as a role in drama performance or a painting idea, they have to be creative enough to ensure the audience loves it (Neyestani, 2016). It is difficult to figure out what other people may love or like; therefore, every art student needs to be creative and confident. Art education provides students with high capacity and flexibility of thinking, which enhances their creativity. Art helps students become more creative by assigning tasks to them and letting them come up with ideas, then presenting them in different forms of art such as music, dancing, role performance, and painting. Some artists, such as architecture and sculpture paintings, help students be familiar with different cultures and the world in general.

Improves Student’s Engagement

It is the role of art practices to ensure that students are engaged in school activities. By participating in art, students can enhance their way of getting involved in other activities despite art (Bochkovskay, 2016). There is always boredom in doing something for a long time with no change. Therefore, to reduce such boredom, students need to get involved in art activities at schools to keep them engaged. Art is essential in schools because it keeps students busy and focused at all times to achieve a specific goal. Through art, students learn to ethical behaviors and attitudes, thus improving their social lives. The university museums help keep art well and alive. The technique helps students learn about different cultures and enhance their moral values behaviors both at school and to the full world.

Improves Socialization and Self-Expression

Art helps students at school in ways of socialization and self-expression. Art practices such as group performance and art class provide students with the opportunity to be able to socialize with other students while sharing ideas (Bochkovskay, 2016). During group performance, every play is assigned to a specific role that they are supposed to memorize with the help of others, thus socialization. Through art, students’ confidence is enhanced, thus improving the teacher-to-student bond. Some art aspects, such as music and theatre performance, help students to express themselves and their emotions about a situation that may not be easy to express in real life. Art is important since it improves the ability to express themselves and socialize with their peers. Art in America is alive and well and most schools have embraced it to a new level.

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