Impacts of slavery: United States Sample Essay

Impacts of slavery: United States Sample Essay.

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Impacts of slavery: United States Sample Essay

Title: Impacts of slave life in the United States

Thesis statement: Slave life in the United States is the root cause of racism in America to date

  1. Social Impacts
  2. Led to immorality
  3. In humanity by Americans
  4. Separation of the state into two
  5. Racism
  6. Economic impacts
  7. Increased production of cotton
  8. The  states practiced slave trade
  9. Political impacts
  10. Slaves were used to write laws
  11. Formation of laws against slaves

In the struggle to have slaves in America, the issue of racism and segregation rose up which hold up to date. The slavery life in America had several impacts which included the social, economic and political impacts. The social impacts included how the lifestyle of Americans was affected as a result of slave life. On the other hand, economic impacts were the changes that occur to the United States trade as a result of slave life. There were also some changes in the political structures in the United States which resulted from the existence of slaves in the place.

Socially, some of the Americans decided to misbehave as a result of the existence of slaves in their continent. Slaves were owned just like properties by the Americans and the owners had all the rights to do anything they wanted to the slaves without being questioned (Kirwan, Slavery Transformed America). The issue of immorality became rampant as many slaves ended up being raped and no one was to take any action against that since it was done by the slave owner. No American could be convicted with a rape case as it was treated as a legal act.

 It was also the existence of slaves in America that triggered the racism issue in the United States. The whites always see the blacks as mere servants and cannot do anything good apart from slavery. They hated the blacks and mistreated them as well as segregating them starting from schools to churches (Harcout). The Americans also became in human since they expected the slaves to work like machines. They wanted them to be very first so that the work they did was more than the pay they receive something which resulted to death of some slaves on the way (Williamsburg). Slavery in the United States also led to separation of the Northern and the Southern states as one part was supporting the slavery while the other was against. It led to conflicts between the two states.

Slavery in the United States led to increased production of cotton which meant that more profits from the cotton plantations. The idea made cotton the key cash producer in the United Nations as cotton was greatly exported (William). The nation also got profits from the sale of slaves and they did that by exchanging them with other products from other nations. They could even go to the extent of abducting free black people and use them as items of trade. The slave trade and the export of cotton boosted the economic patterns in the United States.

Politically, the United Nations used slaves to write laws for their government. The States could not do anything by themselves and involved slaves in every activity. At some point, they formed laws that hindered slaves to fight for their rights and from access to any Attorney who could help them in courts. The law was to make slaves to die in silence since they had nowhere to take their pleas.

In conclusion, Slave life in the United States have impacted positively since everything done by the slaves worked to the advantage of the natives. The economies improved as a result of free labor provided to them or sometimes low wage labor by the slaves. The slave trade which they conducted also gave the United States more profits.


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