Identifying Types of Persuasive Appeals Essay

Identifying Types of Persuasive Appeals Essay.

Identifying Types of Persuasive Appeals Essay

Identifying Types of Persuasive Appeals


October 9th, 2017

Identifying Types of Persuasive Appeals

Presently, firms apply different persuasive appeals to promote their products. With the rise of technology and social media, most firms tend to use the different social media platform to market their products.  Jenkin, et al. (2014) assert that companies which have to effectively exploit advisement techniques and market of its products will likely stand a chance of experiencing low sales volumes. There are different types of persuasive appeals that are used in the advertisement. This paper located online grammarly advertisement which is a video that runs for about 5 minutes. The advertisement explains benefits of suing grammarly software. First, advantages that the video describes is that grammarly helps in eliminating errors in the written assignment, essays or articles. Notably, the video used in the advertisement is persuasive since it explains how one can benefit from using the online grammarly software in their assignments.  Moreover, the video has some pictures of assignment before passing the assignment over to the software. One will be able to see the errors and how those errors are corrected by the software.  Additionally, the video applies powerful and simple language that are persuasive in nature.  Besides, the video is accompanied by cool music which captivates clients.  The music helps in capturing the attention of the audience.

A description of the content of the message

            The online Grammarly software advertisement motivates the audience to apply the software in detecting and eliminating grammatical and spelling errors in assignments.  The video uses persuasive language in capturing the attention of the viewers.

  The message is simple and appealing to the clients. The message should be factual and have supportive description pertaining to the products being promoted. The video has very specific and relevant message to pass to your target customers (Jenkin, Madhvani, Signal & Bowers, 2014). As a result customer loyalty and retention will be achieved. Overall, the content of the message should be precise, easy to demand and contains very message the audience need to know.

A description of the persuasive techniques being employed

Online grammarly software use persuasive language. It uses numerous persuasive techniques that can be applied to market products. First, it identifies customer’s insights. This has enabled the firm get to know the attitudes, wants, and quality of the products the consumers may need. With this, the firm has been able to meet the needs of its clients (Jenkin, Madhvani, Signal & Bowers, 2014).  Persuasive information should have logical appeals as opposed to emotional appeals.

An evaluation of the message’s call to action and whether or not it effectively motivates the viewer or listener to act upon the message

Online grammarly has its message packed in a simple language that is easy to be understood by the audience.  The message is backed up with facts. The marketer tells the audience where the message is originated from, and its purpose, whether the products will be able to befit them or not (Jenkin, Madhvani, Signal & Bowers, 2014). The message in online grammarly incorporates the intention of the firm in meeting the needs of the customers. Also, the message sold indicate that the pricing is fair.


Marketing demands the use of different persuasive appeal. The message should be simple and precise. In this case, the customers should be able to understand the content if the message. Furthermore, the message should be factual and show an intention of meeting consumers’ needs.


Jenkin, G., Madhvani, N., Signal, L., & Bowers, S. (2014). A systematic review of persuasive marketing techniques to promote food to children on television. Obesity Reviews15(4), 281-293.Accessedon7thOct2017,

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