Human Trafficking Sample Essay

Human Trafficking Sample Essay.

Human Trafficking Sample Essay

Human Trafficking


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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the act of acquiring individuals against their will leading to their exploitation. This is comparable to a contemporary form of slavery. The act of human trafficking can occur in the same country or across nations and intercontinental borders. Such may involve a country of origin of the persons, the country of their transit as well as their destination. There are three elements of human trafficking, which include the act of moving people without their consent, the means by which it is executed and the purpose behind the abduction.

The deed of human trafficking may occur through abduction, kidnapping, receipt via payments, by recruitment and through the abuse of political command. Human trafficking can target the vulnerable in the society, such as the poor and those with susceptible family backgrounds including orphans. The drive of trade in people may be for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forced labor, terrorism or for criminal motives. With the current advent and wide application of organ transplantation, traffickers also acquire victims for organ donation (Lee, 2013).

About 20.9 million people with a majority of women and children are involved in human trafficking yearly. This is according to the data provided by the International Labor Organization, which also indicates that 68% of the targets end up as forced laborers. A great number of those trafficked also composes of commercial sex trade victims and individuals for slavery. Hence, the human trafficking business has grown into a multibillion industry that merely affects all the countries of the world (Lee, 2013).

Various humanitarian groups have risen against slave trade in the quest of providing awareness campaigns as well as strategic recovery of those affected by the trade. These moves have greatly reduced the occurrence rates although the overall prevalence in the countries of Middle East, India and Nepal remains alarmingly high. The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) helps in the formulation of laws for countries, together with their implementation in the fight against this institution. Capacity building together with fostering coordination with the affected nations to capture criminals and bring just to the victims has been the focus of this organization.

Nations have the biggest pact in combating the execution of human trade. The main challenge in the total elimination of human trafficking remains the inability to trace the victims even after the tracking down and capturing the perpetrators.

In conclusion, human trafficking is a form of the olden day slave trade that still happens in the modern error. Sealing borders across countries and community capacity building has proven as a workable solution towards tackling of this problem.


Lee M. (2013). Human Trafficking. New York, NY: Routledge.

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