Human trafficking Essay Sample

Human trafficking Essay Sample.



Human Trafficking

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Post your comments reacting to the lessons learned in Module 5.3 and respond to two other classmates’ posts. Use the following writing prompts to begin each paragraph:

1. What is driving the demand for human trafficking?

2. How can we stop the demand?

3. Describe a program that is assisting victims of human trafficking.

Human trafficking

There are a lot of factors that are driving demand for human trafficking, high rewards, and low-risk dynamic being one of them. This means that traffickers expect a lot of money with minimum legal consequences when they are caught. The traffickers know that they can exploit people and little will be done to them. Trafficking is also driven by the principle of economics in demand and supply. In the industry of human trafficking, demand and supply is the same thing; this means high demand drives high supply. This is seen in the increased demand for the commercial sex, pornography, and prostitution thus increases the supply of human trafficking, Inequalities and disparities in the society drive certain groups to be vulnerable to human trafficking. Traffickers look for people who are especially desperate, those without legitimate job options, lack of education opportunities and ones looking for the ways to escape poverty. (Russell, 2017).

The demand for human trafficking can be stopped if the legal registration will advocate for the increment of penalties for the traffickers to ensure the protection of the victims. Supporting The United Nations Children’s Fund program (UNICEF’s)  development work to get information on the vulnerability of the human trafficking around the world. Governments should work with the local religious community and other private stakeholders in the society to help make the awareness of the human trafficking on people living in grassroots to reduce the cases. (“15 Ways You Can Help Fight Human Trafficking”, 2018)

The National Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Program is the program used to assist the victims of human trafficking. It provides funds to foreign victims, their families’ members, and potential victims seeking health, food, clothing, and shelter in the United States. People who access the assistance for the program are victims of server form of trafficking and children victims who have the Health and Human Services (HHS) certification. (Carvalho Fernandes, Juarez Alencar, Assis Schmitz, Ferreira da Silva & Procópio Fernandes, 2015).


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