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What is ProctorU

ProctorU is an online proctoring service that offers fully automated proctoring for online exams or a combination of a live proctor or AI.

What ProctorU does?

 Just like all other online proctoring platforms, Proctor U ensures you adhere to online examination integrity. It does this by:

  • Watching you and making sure that you do not sneak any prohibited materials into the exam environment, also ensures no one is helping you.
  • It also verifies your identity as the test taker.

How it Works

ProctorU offers three different services, ranging from a fully automated proctoring service to a live professional proctor backed by AI:

  • Auto

Fully Automated (no live proctor is present during the exam).

  • Live+

 Entail live professionally trained proctor during the exam as well as AI support.

While the human is monitoring and intervening when necessary, Ai will still be able to catch things the live proctor might not.

  • Pro

The most highly trained proctors are available and higher troubleshooting for technical assistance and issues

Text Box: During exam, both the live proctor and AI technology will monitor you to ensure that no prohibited behavior takes place such as:
•	Someone entering the room
•	The test taker leaving the room
•	Going out of view of the webcam
•	Copying the exam conten
•	Opening another tab on their browser.

With these measures, you will be watched for each second of your Examination and this will make some nervous. However, if you are well prepared for your examinations this does not have to worry you. Following the software guidelines will assist you till the end of your online test

What equipment will I need to sit my ProctorU exam?

Many have asked what requirements are needed to sit for the ProctorU exam. Let me list them for you.

You will need to have a computer within minimum Windows 8 or Mac-OS 10.13, a webcam, and microphone (So the live proctor can monitor the exam), an internet connection preferably wired rather than Wi-Fi, and the Guardian browser.


 Have you been stuck launching your live proctored exams on Proctor U?  I will show you how to do so with a few easy steps and you will be good to go.

Before you begin make sure you download either Chrome or Mozilla Fire Extension. In your case, you may be launching from inside Canvas, Blackboard, Module or other managing learning systems. This should not worry you because this process is exactly the same.

You will be prompted through in the welcome screen and be guided through the Automated computer check;

The two main things you do before your exams are;

  • Identification verification process
  • Accepting the exam guidelines.

Step 1. Your browser will prompt you to share your screen. This step is important because: It is the only way the software can see you as you take your exam.

The Automated computer check then ensures that your:

  • The microphone and camera are working properly
  • lighting and volume in your environment
  • Internet speed
  • Ports.

 By now I know you may be wondering how does Identity process begins.

  1. Take a photo of yourself. You should carefully align within the red guidelines and then click take a photo. If successful it will turn green and proceed to the next step.
  2. Placing your government ID on the red Guidelines.
  3. You may be required to answer randomly generated public record challenge questions. Use your legal name and email address.
  4. Download Log Me and Rescue applet and allow it to run. This allows the connection with your proctor momentarily. You will go through the Exam rules together.

Step 2. Check the agree box and click continue for you to enter your exams.

You are good to go!

Proctor U works exactly the same as all other online platforms. It will monitor you from the beginning to the end of your online tests. Additionally, Proctor U will flag you if it detects any suspicious activities and of course, you will be faced with consequences. Launching the Proctor U involves very simple steps. Hopefully you will find this helpful.

Good luck in your Exam.

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