Honorlock: 5 Easiest ways to cheat

Have you tried to cheat proctored exam with no success? Here is the article that will teach you the five easiest ways to cheat Honorlock.  It will give you steps on how to bypass and hack the Honorlock easily! Read to the end.

With online learning tools such as Honorlock, it is very challenging for students to cheat. For students to score highly in exams, cheating on Honorlock is inevitable.


What is Honorlock and why use it?. 1

Why use it? 1

What is Honorlock Extension?. 1

What can Honorlock Detect?. 1

Honorlock Security Measures. 1

Detection of other devices by Honorlock. 1

5 Easy ways to cheat on Honorlock. 1

FAQ’s. 1

What is Honorlock and why use it?


Why use it

 Let me list the advantages of using Honorlock.

  • Offers affordable and straightforward services to students, helping them get rid of the complexities of other software.
  • Ease of use. Honorlock continues to be a game-changer with its easy-to-use services.
  • No proctored Exam scheduling.
  • 24/7 US-based customer support.

What is Honorlock Extension?

Since Honorlock requires to use Google Chrome, you will always have the Honorlock Chrome Extension. It refers to a small program on the proctoring service that modifies the Chrome web browser rather than your computer.

What can Honorlock Detect?

Text Box: Honorlock Security Measures
Honorlock can detect cheating and more of this security measures include:
•	Artificial intelligence tracks students’ activities.
•	Voice Detection.
•	Search and destroy Feature.
•	End of test report.
•	Sets various test taking parameters.

Honorlock uses various ways to record you during your tests. Some may be physical, like Web cam while others in built. These ways are:

  • Through Webcam and video feeds. Honorlock incorporates AI to analyze student behavior during tests. It includes body movement, eye, and hand movements. Any suspicious activity may be taken as cheating and thus flagged.
  • Monitoring Audio and Noise. Honorlock can detect the voices around the exam environment. It has a voice detection feature that detects various forms of sound. This ranges from short phrases to long sentences.
  • Phone Detection. Honorlock has multi-device detection and this special feature prevents mobile devices from searching for test answers online.

The software level of monitoring is top-notch and can make it difficult for you to cheat. If you so desire to cheat in any way, you need to be pretty much creative, to evade these security Measures.

Detection of other devices by Honorlock                                      

 In the previous section, we highlighted the Mechanism that Honorlock uses to detect phones and switch them off to prevent you from cheating. It can detect other devices that you may have connected to your computer. Using the same technology, Honorlock can detect other devices such as secondary laptops or other machines that you can use to cheat.

 5 Easy ways to cheat on Honorlock.

Unlike other proctoring software, Honorlock invests heavily in the credibility and security of tests.  This makes students who cheat revise extra hard for their tests. A bank is secured but it does not lack a few ways to breach right? Similarly, there are tips and tricks that you can use to make Honorlock a non-exception.

Let me give you the Five easiest ways you can cheat on Honorlock.

  1. Adjusting the Webcam Strategically

This technique helps you to manipulate the webcam such that it does not capture your cheating activities.

You can do this by setting your webcam to capture just below your face. This will enable you to peruse and use your cheat sheets without suspicion.

Be cautious while using this method.

2. Using virtual machines

First, you need a USB Wi-Fi adapter, V mare, or virtual box for your virtual machine. If u do not have this, this method will not work for you.

  1. Download a Windows media creation.
  2. Open up your V mare
  3. Download google chrome
  4. Hide the virtual machines’ names by using friendly names.

This will help you bypass all the security measures of Honorlock.

4. Using double monitor                                                              

This allows you to google your answers from a different computer. Of, course use a different network. Be careful with your movements to prevent detection. Make sure you use a silent keyboard such that it will be simple for you to key in solutions on the host computer without detection.

This method is simple and useful.

5. Dimming the lights.

Before starting your exam, dim your lights in the room and adjust your screen brightness to maximum level.

This way, the AI will find it difficult to detect your eyes and observe suspicious activity. This method is very effective, but again be responsible while using it.

These simple hacks will help you bypass the Honorlock security measures. However, it requires students to be extra careful and creative while using them.

I hope that you will find them effective.

No one cares if you cheat or not, but the question is; will you be able to live with it in the coming years?


Can Honor Lock detect VPN?

There are some proctors who after having authorized access, can detect if you are using VPN or not.

Can Honorlock see your search History?

Honorlock does not scan other computers on your network and has no access to your data. If you are not searching for exam questions during the time of the exam.

Is Honorlock a FERPA complaint?

Honorlock is a FERPA complaint and uses securely encrypted protocols to save and view all test-taker assets. Honorlock-certified proctors and your institution faculty are able to review test session videos until deleted, based on the school’s retention policy.

What does Honorlock do if you get flagged?

Honorlock AI monitors the test-taking. The AI automatically generates a flag if unusual activity is detected and alerts your instructor instantly. In addition, Honorlock has two levels of flagging in in relationship to face detection.

How does Honorlock work?

Clicking launch proctoring will begin the on or lock authentication process where you will take a picture of yourself show your ID and complete a scan of your room. Honorlock will record your exam session by webcam.

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