History: Article review Sample Essay

History: Article review Sample Essay.

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After reading the article, write a full paper that is PRO.
I really dont know what pro is stand for.

PRO/CON Paper: All students will pick a pro and con article from 10 options in the Mitchell/Mitchell text. Although all must read the articles and be ready to discuss them on Wednesdays, only those that selected that week’s readings must turn in their paper. All you need is your Name, Issue Number, and whether it is a Pro or Con, all on the same line. My name, class period and dates are not necessary. It must be ONE (1) full page. Points will be deducted if not a complete page.

Student’s Name                                  Issue 4                                                 Pro Article

The article is a Pro paper. It is generally meant to show why Woodrow Wilson was responsible for the failure of the United States of America to join the League of Nations (LON). Yes, the paper includes two perspectives of the two major writers considered to support and to reject the idea that Wilson was responsible for the failure, but to my opinion, the article most arguably shows that Wilson was not the major if not the lone cause of the failure of US to join the LON.

In other words, the article is full of reasons why Wilson was not to blame for the mentioned failure. In the first place, even though Cooper seems to support the idea that Wilson was the major cause of the failure, Cooper only (or mostly) hinges his argument on the fact that Wilson was stubborn due to the stroke he suffered for which reason he failed to compromise the decision in support of the opposition party. He further argued that Wilson had a poor personality during his childhood and that he had a ‘bad’ ego. Cooper fails to explain the reasons that affected Wilson’s ego and personality during his childhood. Based on Cooper’s argument, it can be concluded that were it not for his stroke, Wilson would have been in support of the treaty of Versailles and thus the US would have joined the LON.

To sum it all up, the article displays the flaws in Coopers argument and uses the Carleton to add clarity on the matter at hand. Carleton’s argument and justification as to why Wilson is not all to blame for the failure to join the LON is an array of Pro statements. This is because it even goes to the extent of including the fact that the US is a ‘Wilsonian program’ since it has adopted it has managed to reduce economic barriers, develop an international security system among others. All these are successes of Wilson’s reign and failing to join the LON cannot be blamed on Wilson.

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