Healthcare marketing Essay Sample

Healthcare marketing Essay Sample.


Healthcare marketing


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In recent years, promotions have become an important part of healthcare strategy. Promoting a service is often very different than the promotion of a product. Equally important is the medium through which you promote your service, whether it is in person; online or through traditional promotional avenues, promotion has become a critical aspect of a marketing strategy.

  • Compare the use of print media and the Internet in the promotion of healthcare services. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Explain.

To support your work, use your course and textbook readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

Your initial posting should be addressed at 150-300 words. Submit your document to thisDiscussion Area by the due date assigned. Be sure to cite your sources using APA format.

Healthcare Marketing

The Healthcare sector is a combination of multiple efficient curative, palliative, and rehabilitative programs that are drafted to assist patients when they most need them. However, it is noble fro a program to experience a drastic decrease in the number of i9ndviduasl enrolled within a given session. In particular, the majority of the patients restrain from utilizing the selective programs established to improve the quality of care. Program directors are, therefore, tasked with the hard task of identifying the rationale behind the decreased number of clients enrollment. On most occasions, the task force develops common solutions to all the programs in Healthcare but fails to identify singular solace to individualized programs. For example, prenatal care is fundamental to healthy and safe delivery. Still, the majority of women fail to take advantage of the program, with some choosing to enlist in the endeavor. It is heartening for the developers of the program and also threatens to limit the ability to attain quality delivery of care to pregnant women.

Consecutively, the healthcare systems have developed techniques to assist in access and enrollment in the prenatal care program. One of the strategies utilized was the inception of Medicaid as the ideal cost enabler towards the access of the set program. The approach was drafted to target the less economically women who were believed to be affected by their economic status towards access to prenatal care. Nevertheless, the numbers failed to increase following the modernized effort in the ordeal. The directors can thus project mysterious hidden reasons for the less involvement of pregnant women in their prenatal care program. Therefore it will be essential to address suitable strategical techniques that will enhance an increase in the number of participants in the program.


Currently, the county health department is in desperate need of increasing the number of clients enrolled in the prenatal care program. It is within their understanding that the program cannot be successful if the number of patients continues to decline.Therefore , they are willing to work their way out towards assisting more women to give birth safely and enroll in clinical sessions. A healthy nation can be drafted by improving the quality of health among the young generation. If 40 % of the pregnant and legible women are using the program, then it will need to target the remaining 60 % fro the progress to be realized. It is reported that the majority of the registered members execute one or two clinical visits then fall off from the program. The project, therefore, will need to identify a suitable approach that will seal such loopholes. Notably , the emergency room is only sought for during labor and when pregnancy is at its prime. The medical practitioners are thus poised with difficulties in saving lives when difficulties in giving birth are experienced. At some point, screening and scanning during the pregnancy and clinical visits could have identified the position of the fetus before the dangers of giving birth sets in.

Define at least four questions you would need to ask to write a SWOT analysis.

Accordingly, I will need to execute reasonable questions which will assist in analyzing the SWOT analyses of the program. I will be keen on observing the confines and principalities in the project. I am hoping that my appraisal will offer a solution to the enrollment issue facing the prenatal care program.


It is vital to assess the existing attributes possessed by the organization and especially the capacity when dealing with clients willing to enroll in prenatal care. In particular, I will seek answers on the communication skills, experiences, flexibility ,dependability, and the modified management skills of the individuals entrusted to activate the program. Additionally, I will enquire about the existing resources that are functional in the drive towards objective attainment. For example, I will be looking forward to establishing the number of nurses, physicians, and suitable modern infrastructure to enhance a smooth transition of pregnant women to delivery. Also, it will not suffice the ordeal well if I fail to question the competency capacity of the members in the organization. All the queries will be directed towards the assessment of available strongholds that are expected to support the realization of the set objectives.


Here I will question the existing aspects that my barr the achievements of the set objectives. In particular, I will be expecting a response highlighting bottleneck in the program, and any other area the healthcare system may be willing to realize success. Therefore the question will be more concise in the topical and response category. Clarity will define the question and also use a simple language by avoiding jargon. In the long run, I am hopeful that the particular limiting factors will stand out and assist the team in restructuring its approach in enhancement if the program. Notably , I will evaluate if the objectives are realistic and timely regarding the ideal situation of the program.

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