Health Management Information Systems Essay

Health Management Information Systems Essay





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Health Management Information Systems Essay

Health Management Information Systems

Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) are designed to strengthen health facilities by planning, organizing, and processing health data to facilitate informed decision-making and making evidence-based policies (Nyamtema, 2010). HMIS promotes monitoring of service delivery, disease profiling, strengthens internal communication networks, coverage, and access to healthcare to improve patients’ satisfaction.

The implementation of HMIS is advantageous because it improves the quality of patients’ care by enabling health facilities to collect and save important patients’ data such as medical history, diagnosis reports, test results, allergy reactions, vaccinations, and treatment plans (Hussain et al., 2021). It eliminates the need for patients to narrate their medical histories, saves time, and improves doctor-patient interactions. HMIS minimizes the operational cost of the organization by helping hospitals to assign resources accurately, saving remarkable amounts of wastage, expenses, and energy. By implementing HMIS, the organization lowers its operational cost while improving healthcare services.

Data breaches pose a significant disadvantage in the implementation of HMIS. In 2017, over 100 million people were impacted by breaches on healthcare organizations that targeted the 20 largest health facilities in the US (Alder, 2017). Many patients lost confidentiality and trust in the organizations that were attacked. Similarly, health organizations suffered significant financial losses following cyber-attacks, ransomware, and lost reputation.


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