Health Class Assignment Paper

Health Class Assignment Paper.

Hello this assignment is for my Healthcare class. MUST BE 100% PLAGERISIM FREE. The assignment is self explanatory, I will attach the document of this assignment please make sure u answered all of the following questions. Thank you.

For this discussion board, students will be given a small review of previously learned concepts followed by a brief case (see Lesson 3, Module 3A). Students are expected to fully answer (in their best writing and using professional etiquette for online communication) two questions based on the case.   Instructions: This is associated with a discussion board posting.  Be sure to read the information below and then click on the blue font above, which states “click to launch.”   Content Review As noted in lesson 1, research is a systematic process to better understand problems and to uncover answers to questions. This process is based on the scientific method.  Thus, research projects traditionally begin with natural, general observations of the environment.  Based on these observations, one might encounter a problem.  At times, one might observe a situation that is positive (rather than a problem) and finds it necessary to understand the circumstance to see what makes it work well and how it can be replicated (e.g., best practices).   Whether it is a conundrum or a best practice, the next step in the scientific method calls for additional background information and the formulation of an investigatable research question.  The research question is crucial, as it sets the foundation for determining the best research approach. In other words, an investigator will work diligently to develop a clear and focused research question and then, identify the best method for answering the research question.  Two investigators can investigate the same topic, issue, circumstance, phenomenon; yet, they may have two different approaches – one being quantitative while the other is qualitative. The quantitative approach focuses on understanding factors that can be quantified to generate frequencies (for descriptives) and to run statistical analyses to determine causation (explanatory research purpose).   The qualitative approach focuses on understanding phenomenon in depth by asking open-ended questions that generate nonnumerical information to better understand perspectives, ideas, and concepts.    Case   Here is an example.   Hospital staff in the quality management department begin to notice an increase in in-patient falls. One staff member asks: 1) what are the demographic and medical characteristics of each in-patient experiencing falls and what are the frequencies of each characteristic? Another staff member asks: 2) From the nurses’ perspectives, why are in-patients falling? Student Analysis (respond to the following) What is the difference between these two questions? Which question requires a qualitative approach and which one requires a quantitative approach? Explain using key terminology and concepts related to each approach.


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The preference to use the scientific method is due to its standardized way of making an observation, gathering data, refer the data to different formulated theories, test predictions that have been made, and make the correct interpretations. (Gauch Jr, Gauch and Gauch Jr, 2003) The process to verify the information gathered allows the researchers to classify the used method to be a scientific or general method of inquiry. Researcher prefers to make observations so that they can easily describe and measure the current scenario. Moreover, the researcher prefers to use the scientific method because it is easier to make a systematic approach to an identified issue.

The first question presented is systematic in order, thus considered to use a scientific method. Question one asks what are the demographics plus medical characteristics the in-patient experiencing fall and what are the registered frequencies of each component. This kind of question allows the research to conduct an in-depth analysis to identify the primary factors resulting in the conclusions made (Gauch Jr, Gauch and Gauch Jr, 2003). Moreover, based on the systematic approach, the researcher is required renowned theories to refer back the facts and check if they are well represented in the study to make the recognized conclusion. However, the second question asked of the nurses’ opinions on the status of the patients. Thus, the question is dependent on the nurses’ view on the matter. With these kinds of generalized questions, the conclusions are made based on the opinions derived by the researcher. There is no need to use theories to counter check the findings given the solutions are opinionated. In summary, the preference to use the scientific methods is passed on the researcher’s desire to conduct further analysis, and often general questions are used when seeking opinions on different persons.


Gauch Jr, H. G., Gauch, H. G., & Gauch Jr, H. G. (2003). Scientific method in practice. Cambridge University Press.

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