Health Care: A New Marketing Opportunity

Health Care: A New Marketing Opportunity.


Healthcare marketing

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A New Marketing Opportunity

Before beginning work on this assignment, please review the expanded grading rubricfor specific instructions relating to content and formatting.

The CEO of your firm has just announced that the organization is considering two diverse strategies to increase business: marketing healthcare services to the mature healthcare consumer, or marketing healthcare services to international consumers.

Read the following two articles:

Fell, D. (2002). Taking the U.S. health services overseas. Marketing Health Services, 22(2), 21-23.

Click here to read the article.

Marsh, D. (2010). Marketing to the mature marketplace. Marketing Health Services, 30(1), 12–17.

Click here to read the article.

NOTE: You will draft two separate marketing proposals for the organization. Each proposal should be based on a marketing strategy covered in the course.

  • Explain which proposal best supports the marketing opportunities outlined by the firm’s CEO. In other words, does targeting one or the other group make sense in light of either of the proposals you have just drafted?
  • Decide which (if either) of the strategies should be a part of your marketing proposal. Explain why and be sure to address each of the following: The opportunities available to the organization by marketing healthcare services to the mature marketplace and the opportunities available to the organization by marketing healthcare services to the international consumer. How either or both of the opportunities compliment or conflict with the organization’s current marketing strategy. What recommendations you would make to the CEO concerning the two proposals.

To support your work, use your course and textbook readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.


  • Your assignment should be addressed in an 8- to 10-page document.

Healthcare Marketing

The Chief executive officer has generated two marketing techniques that prioritize approaches to market healthcare services to mature clients and international consumers. Therefore it will be reasonable to draft two specific proposals to define a precise mechanism in marketing at the particular health facility.

First Proposal

For any organization to succeed in international business, it must make efforts to attract and advertise their services and products globally. In particular, if healthcare is willing to realize international breakthrough, then it will be vital to employ a functional framework that will inform foreigners on the services offered in a particular healthcare facility. The world market is promising when appropriate techniques are utilized to coordinate local and international marketing guidelines. Change is a continuous aspect realized in the healthcare sector, and thus the concerned agencies must be conversant with expected variations in the future. As a nation, America receives millions of tourists annually, and the same can be utilized to spread the healthcare message across the international level (Fell, 2002). United Nations and World health organizations can also be crucial drivers of the marketing proposal list. Thus, for any clinical facility within the United States to secure additional clients from other countries, it will be mandatory to follow specified techniques. The majority of organizations have desires to spread their services globally and achieve the goal; then, several strategies can be observed, as cited below.

Establishing executive relationship globally

It is a noble idea for any organization to develop a positive relationship with the government in other states. For example, an American-based health organization can contribute to the health ministry’s improvement in one of the developing nations. Also, the interested agency can fund government-related research and endeavors accrued to the quality of healthcare. With such a unique technique, the citizens of the said country will be aware of the specified organization and health services, thus attracting international patients. Ideally, interacting with government officials can also offer guidelines for establishing any healthcare facility within the nation (Fell, 2002). Notably, the mechanism will incorporate market entry strategy since healthcare will assume a business approach when seeking international consumers’ attention. Importantly, interacting with the international authorities will win the citizens’ trust, thus capturing the international market with ease.

International health tours

Health institutions can purpose to be having one or two international medical camps in other nations. Free medical treatments can be utilized to inform the beneficiaries about the services offered by the volunteers. Ideally, the objective will be to market their ideologies in other nations. The category of individuals to be provided the international travel ticket must include senior surgeons and physicians since they will paint a positive image to the patients. Similar approaches can be implored at local levels when the market size fails to meet the set targets. Overall, flyers, magazines, and written brochures can be offered to the clients with services provided, and contact on how to reach the medical practitioners on the ground (Fell, 2002). Once the ordeal is made a reality, then the organization will reap from the international market by extending the service coverage.

Website Establishment

An online platform will be a fundamental mechanism to reap from the technological advancement in the globe. A considerable percentage of the website’s content can be made to include services offered, possible symptoms of a specified medical condition, and contacts to seek virtual or physical assistance when necessary. Although the cost will be involved when transporting the clients from international boundaries, quality services will be a selling factor (Marsh, 2010). One aspect that the developers must remember to include is multiple languages that will allow communication to all prospects who visit the site. Further, filling an online form can be set in place to gauge the level of interest from potential customers. The organization must enhance the attractiveness of the website and also guarantee easy maneuver for the user interphase.


Currently, there are several health providers known as experts in various filed across the globe. For example, Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York is a renowned cancer center in America and beyond. Thus, settling on a particular field that the organization fills functional will increase international recognition (Fell, 2002). Ideally, the majority of the clients beyond American borders will be seeking to secure the services of a proven health organization. As such, prioritizing one area will suffice the global recognition that the facility is looking forward to.

International Representatives

In such an approach, a cohort o0f experts will be expected to act as ambassadors for the organization in other nations. Generally, their role will be to market the services offered by their employer. Direct interaction with the patients might ignite a positive image to the consumers who might be convinced to ascertain the organization’s credibility by purchasing the health services (Marsh, 2010). Mayo organization is one example of a representative in Turkey and Mexico tasked intending to relay quick information to the interested parties. In the long-run, international opinion will be build-up, improving the organization’s rating and ranking across various nations in the world.

Second Proposal

Here the organization will be looking into techniques to utilize when approaching the mature client across the nation. In most cases, the methods are said to be successful when the target market is more than one-third of the total population in a given locality. For example, in the United States, millions of health service consumers are above the age bracket of 50. Thus, the mathematical application of the required threshold applies to place the endeavor at the receiving end. Some of the strategies to be adopted are outlined below.

Patients as Marketing Agents

Hospitals and the healthcare fraternity depend on the reputation passed to the clients during the marketing period. Besides, consumers are the definition of success in an organization since referrals work best for them. Offering quality healthcare services will provoke the beneficiaries to spread the gospel to other prospects who might not be aware of the discovery (Fell, 2002). Research executed by scholars in the psychological filed ascertained that services sought from clinical facilities are higher when customers achieve the marketing ordeal. In contrast, individual organization promotional campaigns record a lower number of new entrants than the latter. Overall, the entity can consider utilizing the technique since it is not costly yet beneficial.

Positive Customer Relationship

Prioritizing the needs and preferences of the clients will place the organization at a receiving end. Once the customer is offered the respect and attention they deserve, it will be possible to establish loyalty followers. Ideally, it will not be possible for the elderly to choose other clinics if the previous interaction was more satisfying to them emotionally and physically. It is worth to note the elderly in society are more concerned about ethics and their well-being. Thus if the organization establishes a positive relationship with the patients, they will keep on coming back for more (Marsh, 2010). For instance, the management can develop a communication system that will communicate birthday messages or send present to clients enjoying their birthdays. Further, they can also make it a routine to call or send short messages to the aged population, thus cementing the organization brand in the customer’s mind.

Data Mining 

Health records are preserved for future use purposely. It will be a noble for any organization to follow up on the files for any client who might miss on the clinical visits or even medical check-ups. The idea will be to influence the choice of the patients, especially when finances are an issue. Collected data allows the physicians to have a holistic view of their clients. The database can be functional in referring the patients for further medical services or even a ransom check on the progress of the treatment offered (Fell, 2002). Ultimately, once the victims identify positive health outcomes from the health providers, then it will be expected that they might return or complement their services to others.

Proposal Choice 

The first section fits the opportunities outlined by the CEO. Ideally, current techniques are taking care of the mature consumers of the organization’s services. Thus, it will not be cost-effective when a spate strategy is developed for the aging population. Also, the organization is looking forward to establishing itself in the international market, and the gains are more than the current profit margin (Marsh, 2010). A healthy business approach will concentrate on a wide range of customers ranging across all age brackets. Although the organization might choose to deal with a specified area in the delivery of medical services, then squeezing the customer base might jeopardize the progress of the firm. Therefore it is liberal to concentrate on the positive impact associated with the first proposal as above.

In particular, accommodating international challenges will offer to compete for an advantage over local service providers. The majority of individuals believe that quality in international companies is higher than those operating within a specific country. The proposal offers an opportunity to fro the organization to be a global player in the health service provision (Marsh, 2010). The new endeavor will provide a leeway to explore more objectives and goals to achieve in the long run. Notably, the international market will attract more incentives to the physicians and employees of the organization. Additionally, the intensity in the firm will be increased, thus, improving the capital base. Further, due to massive revenue collection from the organization, the local government might lift some of its taxes, thus enacting accessible provision of healthcare to citizens. Importantly, an international map might enhance diversity that will guarantee. Therefore the chief officer should consider an investment in the first option to make it a reality since the positive side appears promising.

Conflicting and Complementing Opportunities

The first proposal can be viewed as complementary since it will improve the existing strategies’ standards. Once the approach is adopted, structure and organizational behavior are expected to vary. The aim will be to align the new objectives and structure a framework that will enhance their achievement. More often, the latest endeavor will engage the stakeholders in activities to improve their services, quality, and abilities. Existing policies will be infuriated to enhance the creation of awareness and visibility in the organizational setting. The more the partisan will drive the efforts to realize the new proposal; a similar impact will be occurring in the background sufficing the complementary role (Marsh, 2010). A build-up of the new platforms’ presence will experience following the renewal of the first proposal. If the resources are allocated, then budgetary constraints will be borrowed from the previous fiscal year. It is generally possible to identify the relation between the current technique and the new interphase. Thus, content marketing will optimize the ability to think tactically and analytically for the organization.

Accordingly, the proposal relating to the mature customers appear to conflict with the current strategical mechanism running the organization. Currently, the organization is serving the vast majority of all age brackets. Healthcare is vital, and concentrating on the elderly in society might limit the probability of success. Notably, consumers and sale of services define the profit margin, and thus for any organization with vision; they should reconsider before investing in the second proposal. Also, the new ordeal might experience promotional difficulties since most consumers are not conversant with the internet. It is not advisable to restrain business operations as compared to expanding them. Therefore, segmenting the aging population as potential clients in future conflicts current opportunities and policies in the facility.


The first proposal is the best to accommodate in business and also in healthcare. The modern era has experienced various business moving into internet platforms. One aspect of globalization is making the facility available to customers despite the geographical location. When the proposal is accommodated, managers and board members will build lasting relationships with the clients. Physical closure of the clinics will not be similar in an online setting since the latter will always be open (Marsh, 2010). The provision of content on the website will attract natural links from individuals suffering from various issues. Therefore it will be essential to exercise positivity in embracing the proposal. The delivery of services will be convent and fast across borders. For example, if a client requires only medication after a description of the medical condition, delivery and shipping will be executed without a struggle.

The operational cost might reduce since advertisements will not consume funds as compared to print media. Advertising campaigns will assume a new shape since the healthcare facility will track the results in the delivery of the message. Ideally, the reception and acceptance percentage will be evaluated based on the number of subscribers. Therefore, any changes to be made will be drafted with ease to suit the customers’ desires. In recent years, most manufacturers are embracing technology and a more diverse approach in handling business. Thus, the concerned parties should not shy away from accepting the challenge. Ideally, the majority of the investors can settle with the first proposal if required to select one from the available option( Marsh,2010).Increasing brand awareness and spreading the culture of quality care across the globe should be made a priority by the CEO, thus settling for the suggested option should not come along with regrets. In today’s world profitability and business development is not a guarantee and thus the officer in charge should amplify responsibility and organization interest at heart.


Fell, D. (2002). Taking the U.S. health services overseas. Marketing Health Services, 22(2), 21-23.

Marsh, D. (2010). Marketing to the mature marketplace. Marketing Health Services, 30(1), 12–17.

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