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Listen to the Podcast about the investigation of the murder of Hae Min Lee (All of Season 1). You may also want to do some additional research of the case before beginning the assignment. However, I believe that the information provided by the Podcast is more than sufficient to complete an excellent profile. There is voluminous information about this case including additional podcasts but you should be careful about the validity of some of the sources that you may locate. You will prepare a written (typed) profile of the offender or offenders in this case. Your profile may include, but is not limited to: age sex race employment status/adjustment marital status level of intelligence residence with respect to the crime scene or scenes organized or unorganized possible motivations pre and post offense behavior personality characteristics life style prior criminal arrest history sexual adjustment appearance and grooming Your profile should also include any investigative recommendations or interrogation strategies that you are able to make. You should divide the report and into segments such as crime scene analysis, victimology, organized /disorganized, victim and offender risk, profile and investigative and interrogation recommendations. Remember to incorporate any aspects of staging, personation or undoing. You must provide the instructor with a bibliography of your sources. Your research may uncover previous profiles of this case. If so, please construct your own profile. Reproducing an existing profile will result in failing the assignment. I would expect most of these profiles to be 4 to 8 (double spaced with size 12 font) pages long. PODCAST:

Hae Min Lee’s Murder

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Hae Min Lee Sample Essay


Hae Min Lee was a high school student who was reported missing on January 13. Four weeks later, she was found half-buried by a passerby. Autopsy reports show that she died of strangulation. Adnan Syed was arrested for kidnapping and murdering Lee after his friend Jay confessed to having helped Syed bury Lee’s body. Although there was no direct evidence that pinpointed Syed as the murderer, the prosecution was based on Jay’s testimonies and some of the corroborating witnesses. Syed took their breakup with revenge that he ended up killing Lee.

hae min lee sample essay

Crime Scene Analysis

The crime scene of the murder was within Leakin Park, where the body was found partially buried, next to a fallen tree, and was approximately 127 feet from the road. This analysis, it shows that this crime was disorganized since Syed had no time to dig a deep grave to bury his ex-girlfriend. According to Dr. Rodriguez, a tiny part of Lee’s body was exposed; therefore, it was not visible from the street. Orange was found on the top, and a florescent blue fiber was found underneath the body, which did not belong to Lee’s clothing (Song, 2017). Dr. Rodriguez states that the body being exposed was based on animal activity. Having no clear information on how the body was buried, was it on its back, side, or front. Lack of information brings doubt about whether prosecutors did their work. Mr. S’s testimony was used to picture how the crime scene was by claiming that when he got out of his truck and saw the earth was disturbed, and when he walked towards the grave, he saw hair covered in dirt. The rest of the body was covered in dirt and leaves.


Victimology is the process of examining the victim and relating to any events that happened in Lee’s life that could have triggered her death. Hae Min Lee, born in South Korea in 1980, migrated to the United States with her mother and younger brother to live with her grandparents (Marsh, 2016). Lee attended the Woodlawn High School was good in athletics; she played field hockey and lacrosse. She was supposed to pick her cousin from daycare but did not show up. At this time, she was considered missing. Being among the famous children in school, he could not handle the breakup calmly but wanted to revenge.

Disorganized Crime

The crime was disorganized because the body was not concealed, meaning the person(s) who buried was/were in a hurry; he/they had to get the job done. The victim was likely killed in one site and then buried in another because the police interrogated Syed around 6.30 pm, and according to Jay, the body was buried at around 7 pm. From this theory, it could only mean, after the interrogation at 6.30 pm Syed went on and buried the body. The crime scene had strong leads, such as the body being buried a few feet from the road. For organized crime, few leads are left at the site, such as burying the body deeper.

Victim and Offenders Risk

An offender is a Muslim-American man from Maryland who was charged with the first-degree murder of his ex-girlfriend Lee. Although Syed maintained his innocence, he was sentenced to life in prison and an additional 30 years for kidnapping and murder. When one person in a relationship is murdered, the other party is held countable and is considered to be a suspect. It was the first kill for Syed because he did not know how to dispose of the body (Durrani, 2015). He made mistakes that lead back to him; for instance, when he showed Jay the body, this is according to Jay Wilds’s testimony. Min Lee was a victim of opportunity because he was selected based on gender and the relationship she had with her offender. The opportunity was that she had moved on and started dating Don, which angered Syed. Has she not broken up with Syed, she would be alive, but no one knew death was awaiting her. hae min lee sample essay

Profile and Investigations

During the investigation on February 2, an anonymous call suggested that investigators should take a closer look after Syed. Before the call, investigators were more focused on the person who reported the body rather than the ex-boyfriend. After the cal, Jay Wilds was among the recent calls on Syed’s phone; therefore, they approached Jay Wild to hear his side of the story. Although the DNA found was not tested in the initial process, Syed was arrested on February 28. Syed was a profile for the murder because he was among the first suspect, and he had a rough breakup with the victim.

Interrogations Recommendations

Jay was integrated at first and claimed he knew nothing about the murder, and after a few weeks, he changed his story with big and confounding changes. How did the jury believe and make sense out of Jay’s testimony? Jay changing his statement shows he was untrustworthy; thus, any information he is feeding people must be false. When Syed was interrogated, he gave a challenge to Sarah of how many minutes does it take to drive to Best Guy from Woodlawn High School (Koenig, 2019). From the challenge, Syed couldn’t drive to the woods and bury the body within a short time. In a certain interview, Jay mentions that the idea of Syed showing him her body was the police’s idea.


Interestingly, Syed claimed his innocence, yet he could not remember where he was that afternoon when Hae Min Lee disappeared, and his alibi is nowhere to be found. Even though Adnan Syed’s lawyer was tough, smart, and savvy, Syed was sentenced to prison, and the lawyer disbarred. The events are not quite clear why was the lawyer disbarred, questioning whether Syed received justice. Although most people described Adnan as helpful at the most and a good kid, Sarah from Serial gets calls from people who knew Syed and the stories are different. Adnan was a troubled soul with anger that could have led to the murder. There are two possibilities o this murder either Syed was vengeful on the breakup and premeditated the murder, or he was framed for murder after the anonymous phone call. Were it not for the phone call, the person who reported the crime would have been arrested because his past was dug up, and unpleasant behavior was detected. Detectives were asking a question such as, why would he pee far away from the road. Wrongful convictions are made based on inadequate evidence like in this case, inadequate defense, and witness miscommunication (Golob, 2017). All in all, the case should be reopened to gather enough evidence. Hae min lee sample essay

Leadership Building and Educational Capacity


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