Florida Leadership Standards Essay

Florida Leadership Standards Essay.

Review the suggested Online Resources from the Florida Leadership Standards The William Cecil Golden School Leadership Development Program website at

Under support resources, learning library, select the standard on “learning, accountability, and assessment” or select links on assessment.  Identify one of the links available there and explain why it would be important for you to use it as a tool for your professional growth

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There are so many ways that educators could use to nurture their profession and one of them is the application of DART model in their daily activities. The main importance of this approach is that it helps in comparing performances. Just like other tools, DART model is used in analysis and interpretation of data.  DART model incorporates disaggregate data, assess, review and lastly target. Analysis and interpretation of data is a compulsory duty educators do on their daily duties. With the help of this model, educators are able to make their work easy. DART model enables this to be possible by incorporating the four steps that are followed by educators.

The first step is disaggregating data. In this step, educators separate and analyze data. Results are displayed and by doing this, educators can decide on which direction to take either to improve or continue with their normal ways of operations. Displaying results helps in the tracking of data on performance over time which makes the work of educators easy. Also, results help an educator to know their strengths and weaknesses. It is in this step that educators can compare the mean score of students and assess whether there is need to employ new ways or not.

The second step is assessment. DART model gives educators room to assess their performance after which they will have to prioritize their desires. After the results have been obtained, that is when assessment is done. Educators will have to choose what to do first according to the importance and urgency of their needs.

The next step is reviewing of the results. Reviewing helps educators to find the gaps in their work and also figure out possible ways of filling them. By using the performances analysis, educators will find their weakest points and strong points. Educators are then supposed to work in improving their work. As professionals in the field of education, one is always on the run to make sure their subjects are doing best and that is performing to their expectation. Good performance motivate educators and make them wish of doing much and that is why DART model is more effective in helping educators grow.

The last step is setting up of the target by the educators. After everything, educators have a role to play in setting the target. They have to identify a point they want to reach next time so that they put all their efforts in obtaining those results. Target is like a motivation because it reminds one that they is somewhere they want to reach and something they want to have at the end of the day. New methods can be used to help in obtaining the results including new instructions to classes. The gaps that existed are addressed in ways possible.

In conclusion, DART model is a good tool in helping professions growth specifically education. DART model is like a process and processes are simple when it comes to following them. They give people directions to follow and that is why this tool is effective in helping educators grow in their profession. The model helps in organizing educator’s work therefore making it easy by including all they want in the system. Analysis and interpretation of data done by the model is more important not only for educators but anybody in any profession.

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