FEMA Discussion Sample Essay

FEMA Discussion Sample Essay.

FEMA Discussion Sample Essay

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Need help in writing a discussion post + 2 responses to other posts + up to five responses on my post.

You will read one chapter and watch documentaries. Then you will answer the discussion question prompt.

-For the discussion post DUE WED: need to include evidence, anecdotes, examples, or citations in MLA format from the readings/videos.

Needs to be two paragraphs 150-250 words

-For the two responses on other post DUE WED Reply to two people, one paragraph each/75-150 words/6-8 sentences, must be meaningful reply, ask critical questions back,

-For the up to five responses on my post DUE THE NEXT MON: reply in one or a few sentences. Needs to be thoughtful

Requirements: paragraphs

Student’s Name

Professor’s Name




Hello Lucia,

I appreciate your response to my work. Indeed it is shocking how little the government and FEMA did, whereas they had all the resources necessary to handle the aftermath of the storm effectively. I believe the government’s and FEMA’s response would have been better and faster if the community had different races and ethnicities. Thank you.

Hello Ayanna,

Thank you for your feedback on my work. I couldn’t agree more that FEMA had poor leadership. Consequently, its response to the storm was delayed and ineffective, leading to the loss of many lives it could have otherwise saved. I appreciate your response.

Hello Salman,

I appreciate your feedback on my work. I concur that race and ethnicity played a significant role in the government’s and FEMA’s poor and delayed response to the storm. Sadly, it indeed appeared like a punishment to the marginalized community. Thank you

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