Evolution of Racism Essay Sample

Evolution of Racism Essay Sample.

Evolution of Racism Essay Sample

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all instructions are in the links from the pdfs attached. There is a link for an essay template (make of copy of any docs you are writing on) a link for the details instructions and link for all sources. Must have intro, 3 body, and conclusion and 3 different sources for each body. one of the sources must come from the book Stamped. Second source must come from Conversation on race Police and To my Black son video. 3rd source must be stay woke video talking about the Black Lives Matter movement. If you can’t find it just talk about how the movement has affected the world. Read instructions carefully the professor has an eye for detail and is very picky. The sample essays, the professor said was a decent essay and could be better. There is no limit on the length of the essay so any limit works, but make it MLA format and not super short or super long.





Evolution of Racism

Racial abuse and injustice have waned in recent decades, but it doesn’t mean that racism has wholly disappeared. Racism is a word that many of us have heard before, particularly if we don’t identify as white. When used as a collective noun, the term “white” has come to denote an influential light-skinned people whose advantage might be referred to as “culture” rather than “race.” According to our theory, racism has changed since individuals of colour no longer experience the same levels of torture and abuse as those born decades earlier (Kendi & Ibram, 2017). However, this does not imply racism no longer exists; just because something has changed does not mean it has disappeared. This essay focuses on the evolution of racism in the USA through the analysis of the book “Stamped” and the films “race Police and to my Black son video” and “Stay Woke.”

Throughout the book “Stamped,” racist ideology, particularly anti-Racism in the United States, is traced back to its inception and current destructive expressions. Anti-Black racist ideologies in the United States have depended on the erroneous notion that African people, in general, are “stupid” and “savage,” beliefs propagated via the written word, other media, and pseudo-science (Kendi & Ibram, 2017). Many little-known, fascinating, and unsettling facts are placed into US history from chattel slavery through Civil War, Jim Crow, civil rights period, war on drugs, and #BlackLivesMatter using historical individuals who were separationist, assimilationist, or anti-racist. To condense the history of anti-Black racism in the United States, as well as assimilationist and anti-racist thinking, into such a small number of pages is an impressive achievement. It does this by establishing a “direct connection between historical events and our everyday lives.

” A conversation with my Black son video,” a short documentary, shows the uncomfortable but essential discussion that African American parents must have with their children about how to deal with police officers. Not only should African Americans parents provide advice on how to have a good encounter with police enforcement, but such a discussion may mean the difference between life and death for African American people, particularly young African American males (YouTube, 2015). Often, the fear of police violence or racial profiling shadows what should be a hopeful future for African American parents. Several police organizations have played a significant role in maintaining legalized slavery, segregation, and racism against black people throughout American history. However far African Americans have come, racial prejudice in the police force doesn’t go away simply because more African Americans and other ethnic minority politicians are elected to office. No matter how law-abiding their children are, some parents worry about what may happen if they don’t pay attention to every aspect of their interactions with law enforcement officials. There are very few conversations between white parents and their children. The color of one’s skin determines how much risk one faces as an African American kid or man in the United States.

The documentary “Stay Woke” depicts the need for justice after several incidents involving police brutality. The USA’s structural racism and justice problems have no simple solution, but many people are committed to using platforms to share these discussions and tales of social transformation (YouTube, 2016). Ordinary people are hostile to the Black Lives Matter movement, the most incredible significant shift in black lives in the past 40 years. A catchphrase used by the Black Lives Matter movement is “Stay woke,” which refers to being constantly alert to the problems that affect racial and social justice. Laws that make people believe that African Americans’ skin color doesn’t matter or impact our judicial system hide racism, which is more prevalent than we realize.

For millennia, racism has been a living, breathing concept. It has evolved and become a part of our daily life as a result. We’re not even aware that our words, emotions, and deeds against people of color are inherently racist (YouTube, 2016)t. In American culture, racism has existed for a long time, with whites having privilege and control over people of color.

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