ESL Writing Article Sample Paper

ESL Writing Article Sample Paper.

Writing a summary of an article “ I have some questions relating to how you summarize “. More information in private messages.

You May include the following considerations in your summary.: 1. What do you think are the good points of the article? 2. What are the weak points of the article? What can be done differently? 3. Can you relate to the topic of the article in any way? Have you learned anything useful from it? 4. Do you think the literature review is comprehensive and up-to-date? 5. Do you think the Methodology is suitable for collecting the necessary data? 6. Has the paper contributed in any way to the scientific knowledge in its respective field?

the article in teaching english or something like that , can you summarize with the instructions?

Regarding me, only one thing is important. Write with a very very very simple language .

ESL Writing

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ESL Writing

The articles show the challenges that Pakistani ESL undergraduate learners face that limit their writing skills and illustrate the specific factors that influence and contribute to these challenges. This forms the good points in the article that reveal probes such as learners having insufficient linguistic proficiency and thus cannot have a proper command of vocabulary and grammar. Moreover, these students have weak language structure organization and experience writing anxiety due to their lack of confidence in their ESL skills. However, the weak points include the fact that among the suggestions for improving ESL learners writing skills, the need for a reading culture has not been stressed enough (Fareed et al., 2016). Reading does not only develop better writing and enrich vocabulary. It can make learners love English as a language and thus generally improve. Also, by reading more, the students will be more confident in their language skills, and this may help eliminate the anxiety they experience before and when writing. It is ignorance that breeds such tension in the Pakistani students.

 Cultivating the reading culture should be the topmost priority alongside writing practice. The reason is that they get to write down some of the ideas they read, and such familiarity will have them flowing with ideas, vocabulary and improved command over grammar. Learners of English as a second language face many challenges, and this article has improved my view on ways to improve the learning of a language. The need for learning a language is made stronger when learners love the language. The article made me reflect on the challenges I face in learning a second language. Learners are very observant of their teachers, and if teachers show enthusiasm and interest towards a language, this rubs off to the learners, therefore from the article, it can be seen that perhaps low motivation from untrained teachers is primarily responsible for many of the problems these students face. Everything starts with teachers before the learners come into the picture because teachers have a massive influence on their learners.

The literature review is comprehensive and tackles some of the most essential information regarding student learners, but it is not timely as some literature sources seem irrelevant considering that students have changed over time. Some sources are just too old and cannot be trusted to give a clear picture for the Pakistani students. The literature review is also focused on issues that relate directly to some of the problems identified for the Pakistani learners, and this shows that it narrows down to the study in question and provides background information for the questions raised in the methodology section. The methodology was relevant to the data being collected because focus group interviews enable interaction that would provide more accurate data.

The sample size was small and thus limited the scientific knowledge to be obtained. Some of the reforms were very specific to the study population and therefore offered limited scientific knowledge in this field. Generally, the article accomplished its task by answering all the three questions raised in its methodology section. This study is thought-provoking and may lead to further on the challenges of ESL learners so that new ways of eliminating these challenges are obtained to give learners in different places an easy time. Overall, the article was very informative and gave insight into the plight of English as a second language learner.


Fareed, M., Ashraf, A., & Bilal, M. (2016). ESL learners’ writing skills: Problems, factors and suggestions. Journal of Education and Social Sciences4(2), 81-92.

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