Eriks L Sanchez Story Sample Essay

Eriks L Sanchez Story Sample Essay.

Eriks L Sanchez Story Sample Essay







                   Discussion: I am not your perfect Mexican daughter by Eriks.L.Sanchez

Discussion 1

 Julia’s family experience is a diverse collection of sentiments on her end. The reader’s understanding of her expectations in the family gathering blends In several issues that seem particularly out of her tune of interest, considering it an excuse for her uncles to drink and interact. Freddy and Alicia’s exploits in life prove the most intriguing part of her interaction with the family. Both of them, having succeeded in their desired fields, act as role models to provide the morale she needs to keep on with her studies and achieve when Julia joins Ama to work one Saturday where she experiences her mother’s struggles in a disturbing workplace to provide for the family. Furthermore, their conversations are engaged in a discussion about Olga. It is here that she learns of Ama’s perspective on Olga’s innocence and purity. Julia’s encounter with Juanga provokes contemptuous feelings and reactions, especially his sexuality and promiscuity. In addition to this, he is willfully engaged in discussing topics that anger her such as sex and virginity.

 Discussion 2  

  Julia is persistent in investigating what transpired concerning her sister and eventual death. Her pursuit takes her to the community college where Olga formerly studies, where she gets into a scaffold with the receptionist where she gets agitated and provocatively screams at her. The receptionist dares to call the security, forcing her to leave embarrassed and unsuccessful. The relationship between Olga and Julia was distant; this is evident by her lack of information about her sister’s personal life, friends, or supposed estranged boyfriend. This gridlock becomes persistent distress as she hopes to try at least to understand Olga’s life and get a solacing. While Julia is fixated on Olga’s demise, her mother sets on organizing a quinceanera for her. This is an essential rite of passage for Mexicans and a lofty investment used. To Ama, this ceremony serves as the inception of her daughter to womanhood.

Furthermore, the tradition offers her an imitation n of her late daughter, whom she longed to reminisces within her grief—the toll. The grief over Olga’s death takes a heavy toll on both Julia and Ama. She was meeting up. Connor offers Julia a comforting consolation creating an environment that she had sought and dreamed of for a while. The interaction between the two built on the mood of openness with Connor creates for her. This engagement results in frequent yearning between them, culminating in developing feelings and consummation in sex. During this period, Julia’s conflicting grief and anger are lessened as she confides in her new boyfriend.

Discussion 3 

    It is a common belief among none Americans that consulting a shrink is a sign of weakness, and one is devalued. Furthermore, few people are willing to talk to someone about their problem, in view that no beneficial solution may arise. In Julia’s case, the mention of consulting someone always sets her off as being irrelevant and incompatible with her situation. She is fearful of being diagnosed and sent to a psychiatric institution. When Julia looks at Olga’s emails, she is astonished that her sister had a married boyfriend from 2009 who had promised to live his wife for her. This discovery made her wonder about the actual innocence that her sister was known for to be pretentious. Olga had managed to set a profile of integrity that all her family members had contemplated and seen as a model child. The parents never disregarded her as troublesome, which gave her cover to be discrete. Julia gets diagnosed with depression soon after an attempt to commit suicide. After recovery and therapy, she is forced to head to Mexico, which is against her will. In Mexico, Julia interacts with her family members and, most importantly, her grandmother and aunt. They reveal to her the shocking eventualities that Ama and Apa had gone through at the border to get to America. This revelation enables her to understand her parents better on the pain they have endured and the reasons behind their relations at home. However, her time is short-lived in Mexico as it becomes unsafe due to cartel activities in the village.

Discussion 4

The return of Julia to Chicago was a reinvention that would advance the disrupted relationship with her mother. Ama’s actions on her return were warm and engaging, providing room to nature their ties. She was now ready to interact with her daughter and rectify her weaknesses as a mother with the consideration of this being her only remaining child. Julia also, on her end, was able to understand her mother’s point of view. She was remorseful for the acts she had committed. The ending of the novel creates an n exciting suspense on the future of the mended relationships. The hopeful aspect made in regards to Julia’s hope to one day have meaningful conversations with her mother and engaging her father to do art. The end does not give conclusive detail to the reader; however, Julia’s hope for the future relative to the definite outcome of her struggles and those of her family. The minor characters in the novel have chiefly evidenced humor. Through the roles by Mr. Ingman’s inquiry on Julia’s depressed state, she lies about being on periods, and later on, in the evening, she gets cramps. In the instance Juanga and Lorena discuss sex and virginity, Julia is angered when they ask her if she is a virgin which in reality is the truth. Humor in the novel serves to lease the intensity of emotional conflicts that have dominance. This is a style of writing that offers a

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