Environmental Law and Ethics Essay

Environmental Law and Ethics Essay.

Environmental Law and Ethics Essay

Environmental Law and Ethics

Environmental Law and Ethics

            Administrative agencies create and enforce laws constituting the legal environment of business. (Pagnattaro et al, 2016) They are the boards, bureaus, commissions, and organizations that compose the governmental bureaucracy. Each agency serves and regulates a different set of perceived issues such as protecting consumers from risk associated with products or the availability of money and credit. The Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) is one such agency (Pagnattaro et al, 2016). The EPA regulates things that impact the environment such as water pollution, air pollution, solid wastes, pesticides and toxic substances.

One example of a situation under EPA regulations is Eric. Eric is an Assistant Vice President at marine paint manufacturing plant. One day, he accidentally discovers an email from his boss, the Vice President, to the President, notifying him of an internal study finding the paint leeches from the bottom of boats into the marine environment. The paint has been found to create birth defects in marine life. The EPA helps shape international marine pollution issues, protecting U.S. environmental and economic interests throughout the world’s oceans (EPA, n.d.).Thus, the paint’s known deterioration of marine life goes against EPA regulations.

Even under the regulation of environmental agencies such as the EPA, ethical dilemmas still arise. Continuing with our example of Eric; he sees the President’s response email, in which he directs the Vice President to erase all evidence of the study and tell no one. The President also directs the Vice President to erase the email. Eric is concerned about the findings of the study, but he also fears losing his job. It has already been established that the issue must be reported, but the EPA does not handle all environmental concerns, as some issues are primarily concerns of other federal, tribal, state, or local agencies (EPA, n.d.). Problems handled by other agencies include workplace concerns, wildlife and wetland concerns, food safety, medications, cosmetics, and product safety. Given these clarifications, Eric should report the issue to the EPA. Though his fear of possible termination is reasonable, he should focus on the President being in the wrong and not him. Furthermore, if the Vise President followed through with the instructions to hide evidence of the environmental destruction, then the VP is also at fault.

The boards, bureaus, commissions, and organizations that create and enforce laws constituting the legal environment of businessserve to protect employees, consumers, the environment, and more (Pagnattaro et al, 2016). Even under regulation of such government administrative agencies, ethical dilemmas still arise. Even so, other regulations exist to protect those speaking out against injustice. Though imperfect, these agencies and regulations benefit the U.S., and even help shape some international forces.


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