Environmental Ethics Position Essay

Environmental Ethics Position Essay.



Environmental Ethics Position Paragraph

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Environmental Ethics

Yes, animals should be utilized in medical research since they are part of the process of attaining the greater good for society. However, ethical considerations should be prioritized when selecting which animals to use. In particular, birds, rabbits, rats, pigs, sheep, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, and mice are morally permissible to be functional in the research (Tannenbaum, 2018). Ethical practices define and motivate the entire method of scientific re4serch since the participants are satisfied implicitly by their endeavors. Ideally, individuals are entrusted with the mandate of treating animals ethically correct once they utilize them on personal gain.

According to consequentialist theorists, it is reasonable to weigh the consequences of any moral action. Therefore, when interacting, it is worth evaluating the adverse effects that will enable in the reduction of possible harm. Negative utilitarianism is more applicable on specified occasions that consider a positive impact as compared to jeopardizing frameworks (Tannenbaum, 2018). Ethical rules have been articulated thorough consideration of the approaches that have termed the ordeal vital and clinical. The regulations are accorded legal enforcement that assists in minimizing pain, discomfort, and distress to the animals. In that case, the conditions of their animal will be made comfortable together with their species.

Pain assertion is necessary for any medical research to ascertain its existence and impact in individuals. Thus, scientists should consider responsibility as mandatory when executing the experiments. Further, the design of the study should be drafted following techniques to evade and minimize pain (Tannenbaum, 2018). In contrast, the partisan can utilize analgesic treatment. Importantly the researchers can consider an emphasis on a behavioral paradigm and its reward to animals and clients.


Tannenbaum, J. (2018). Ethics and Pain Research in Animals. ILAR Journal40(3), 97-110. Doi: 10.1093/ilar.40.3.97

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