English/ Literature: Prosperity of people & social orders.

English/ Literature: Prosperity of people & social orders.



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I choose the SInger Essay. It’s “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” by Peter Singer

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Poverty is a critical test that influences the prosperity of people and social orders. Destitution is a dilemma as individuals cannot accomplish adequate degrees of living as they need necessities, for example, nourishment, safe house, and security. The fundamental argument presented by the philosopher is sacrificing luxury to guarantee that poverty-stricken individuals have access to necessities.  Vocalist’s hypothesis of destitution decrease is instrumental because it sheds understanding on the troublesome issue of childishness, as seen in human instinct. Artist adopts a precise strategy to clarify the idea of world poverty. The logician presents a relationship where a teacher needs to pick between sparing a youngster or one thousand dollars for handing him over. The school teacher becomes conflicted when she learns that the child was not adopted. Singer himself writes, “Suppose Dora had told her neighbour that it is a tough world, other people have nice new TV’s too, and if selling the kid is the only way she can get one, well, he was only a street kid. She would then have become, in the eyes of the audience, a monster” (Singer 736). Correspondingly, Singer gives an edifying part of how world poverty is identified with human recognition. As the prominent philosopher Singer puts it, “All of which raises a question: In the end, what is the ethical distinction between a Brazilian who sells a homeless child to organ peddlers and an American who already has a TV and upgrades to a better one knowing that the money could be donated to an organization that would use it to save the lives of kids in need?” (Singer 736). The contentions, as referenced, permit Singer to build up an end with regards to how world poverty ought to be tended to In Singer’s view; “In the world, as it is now, I can see no escape from the conclusion that each one of us with wealth surplus to his or her essential needs should be giving most of it to help people suffering from poverty so dire as to be life-threatening” (Singer 739). 


I agree that Singer’s theory of poverty reduction is instrumental since it sheds insight on the difficult problem of selfishness, as witnessed in human nature and thus conforming to his point that it is our duty as humans to give.

Argument Development

It is essential to save the lives of strangers by allowing them to walk away with some of our dimes. As peter argues, currently, the world is surrounded by poverty and charitable organizations working their way out to save the world. Thus if one fails to offer some helping hand to such institutions, then branding them as enemies of development would be assertive. It is within our power to reduce poverty since humanity is gifted to attain such a milestone. For example, when a rich person is living comfortably, eating healthy, and going through their daily activities with ease while his neighbours, church mates, or members of the society are dying from preventable ailments and hunger, then there must be something wrong in behavioural aspect. Giving should not be the category of duty that is realized by using forcing rather it should be cultivated within humanity from the beginning when one is still young (Benatar par.3). Offering help should be revived from individual capacity, and assuming personal responsibility for the same can do nothing more than to shape the current world for the better.

Valid rationales exist validating as to why human beings need to assume the duty of offering help. Firstly, experiencing death rates increasing with associated issues is lacking food, shelter or medical is morally wrong. The basic understanding to argue from is that lacking such necessities does not mean they are inexistent in the earth, but the spirit of selfishness is high within the nationalities. For example, developed countries are economically empowered to invest in scientific projects costing billions. Still, the same cannot be implied when investing in underprivileged individuals in other low developed nations (Benatar par.2). Humanity can reduce reasonable death rates if the spirit of brotherhood will be advocated for in society. The emergency response ought to be assigned both to long and short term relief of the poverty issues within the world.

Uplifting the art of giving as an obligation to provide ought to be considered as the less demanding ordeal by the general human race. For example, when an individual insight saves a drowning child, the help offered is mandatory, and there is no force realized in enforcing the act. Similar approaches must be implied when dealing with poverty since the menace can intrigue any individual despite their level in the economic prowess (Benatar par.5). Therefore the society should be made to understand that, giving does not limit their ability to take action. Accordingly, the initiative should be treated from a personal perspective, without considering the presence of other members within the community. However, as an approach to make the task functional, it should not assume one-way traffic, both rich and poor ought to collaborate on a mutual basis in pursuit of equality.

Work Cite

Benatar, David. “Famine, Affluence, and Procreation: Peter Singer and Anti-Natalism Lite”. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 2020. Springer Science and Business Media LLC, Doi: 10.1007/s10677-020-10073-4. Accessed 9 Apr 2020.

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