English and Literature: Self Esteem Case study

English and Literature: Self Esteem Case study.

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There are several definitions of self-esteem. Which one is the most widely used in research? Who created it?

The most widely used definition of self-esteem and that is used in researches was created by psychologists, and it used to describe an individual’s sense of self-worth or individual value. The psychologists used it to describe how much a person life and appreciate themselves.

Self-esteem encompasses which emotions?

High self-esteem is encompassed with positive emotions. Some of the positive emotions include gratitude, hope, joy, elevation, altruism, inspiration, amusement, satisfaction, affection, relief, enthusiasm, and confidence, among many others. Low self-esteem is accompanied by negative feelings such as despair, regret, pride, shame, incompetence, constant self-evaluation, sadness, among others.

According to that text, what is the difference between self-concept and self-esteem?

The primary difference between self-esteem and self-concept is that self-esteem evaluates who you are while self-concept does not and is more of a cognitive aspect. Self-concept includes who you think you might become and what you believe you were in the past.

How can you develop children’s interest in learning new things on their own?

You can help children develop an interest to learn new things by making them focus on their interests and also by sharing your enthusiasm for learning new things (Pinquart & Gerke, 2019). You can also make learning fun via game-based learning, as most children love games. It is also essential to focus on what they are learning and not their performance.

What are the strategies to develop a good self-image in preschoolers?

Some of the strategies of developing a good self-image starting small and taking one step at a time, always go for good enough, avoid falling into comparison traps, and still make time for self-appreciation (Pinquart & Gerke, 2019).

Variations in self-esteem have been linked with a wide variety of aspects in child development. What are these aspects?

Social aspects have been associated with child development of self-esteem. Children develop high self-esteem if the people around them encourage them to be who they are and help them appreciate their flaws.

What are the possible negative outcomes of a high-self-esteem child?

High self-esteem in children is necessary but has its share of disadvantages (Pinquart & Gerke, 2019). It can lead to ego development, and this can lead to unearned and undeserved self-praises that can lead to mediocrity, especially in the education system.

Why is it important that children must be encouraged to value and identify the areas that he is competent?

Children should be encouraged to identify areas of competency and focus on them. Forcing children to do things that do not interest them can lead to failure.

How does self-esteem develop in children/what is a good combination to develop self-esteem?

Children can develop good self-esteem is allowed to make choices, assigning them age-appropriate chores, and letting them know no one is perfect, and they are allowed to make mistakes but learn from them (Pinquart & Gerke, 2019). During disappointment phases, provide children with love and support that they need. Also, prepare children for different social settings and let them know what is expected of them and also help them develop a sense of self-control.

Case Studies

James and Gideon

            I would ask James to let Gideon use his pencils to color the new charismas tree handed by the teacher, and since James has more than one coloring pencils, they could keep exchanging once each of them is done (Presentation, 2019, Slide 7). The pushing would have happened because James knew that the pencils were his and he needed them to finish up his coloring. I would also explain to James that he should not push his friends around.

Romane and Rose

            First, I would calm the two crying children. The next thing would be to explain to Rose that she should respect others’ pieces of work and instead of destroying Romane’s wooden tower, she could have offered to help her (Presentation, 2019, Slide 8). I would let Romane know she should not fight those who wrong her and instead she should report to their teacher.

Louis and Maélik

            The two are toddlers, the most certain thing to do is get an extra train and give it to Louis so that both have a similar train (Presentation, 2019, Slide 9).


            Entice her to come and take her favorite snack, which will take her mind off the game for a while. Children easily get carried away by things they like (Presentation, 2019, Slide 10).


Case Studies. (2019). Presentation

Pinquart, M., & Gerke, D. C. (2019). Associations of Parenting Styles with Self-Esteem in Children and Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 1-19.

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