English and Literature : Education and liberation

English and Literature : Education and liberation.



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Education and liberation

Since conception, the sole purpose of humankind was to attain the set goals and objectives as per the enshrined potentials. Education has served to be an eye-opener in enhancing all learners with the capacity to transform, revoilutionalize and change the image of the earth. Insights learned from the academic journey shape one to be liberal-minded and tend to approach issues existing within the planet in a learned approach. According to Tara, “we are concerned parents and community members working to change our school system, so students have equal educational opportunities (Yosso 10).” Thus I opt to the side by the opinion that education is a path to liberation, especially to the visionary individuals. Arguably, learned individuals are better positioned to experience better and new opportunities all along uniquely when one qualifies highly. In the long run, one is better placed to compete and delivers kills in the world that have never been experienced before. Notably issues related to families, communities and societies can only be overcome when an educational path is involved.

Education serves to be a path of knowledge and critical thinking. Multiple skills are entrusted and capacitated to individuals who chose to pursue education. According to an argument in Tara’s book, it states that “in the naming phase we dialogue with our community to identify and name the problems we face … (Yosso 16) It is worth noting that focusing on the positive side of it increases the chances of reaping from the educational life. Arguably, for one to attain an abnormal goal, living within standard means limit the capacity of achieving the set objectives. Therefore it is worth to experienced individuals and associates in the scholarly journey ought to enjoy the outcomes once the grilling path is over. For instance, technology is advancing at a high rate, and business, operations, and school activities are all attached to the technological way. Once an individual settles in the school forum, the ability to discover more endeavors is high as compared to relaxing and dropping out of school.

Work Cited

Yosso, Tara J. Critical Race Counterstories along the Chicana/Chicano Educational Pipeline. Routledge, 2006.

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