Employment Packet Team Paper

Employment Packet Team Paper.

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Employment Packet

Type of paper:

Term paper


Humanities: Writing

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APA (edition “APA 6”)

Pages: 11

Deadline: 24hrs

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Discouse Comminity – Interior Design

Sample paper attached ( to reference for paper structure purposes only)

Genreral Assignment Instruction Below:

Audience: A potential employer

Purpose: Using the discourse expertise you have developed by working on the previous assignments, create an employment packet for an aspirational professional opportunity.

This assignment consists of five parts.

Step One: Find a job ad for an available position within your professional discourse community—one that you will soon be qualified for as a new graduate. Gap Analysis (1 page): Identify the qualifications necessary to achieve that position. Which qualifications do you have now? Which do you still need to develop?

Step Two: Accomplishments Statement (2-3 pages). Write a list of five different strengths, illustrating each one with specific examples. Keep the values of the DC in mind as you describe your strengths.

Step Three: Career Goals Statement (2-3 pages). Write down your long-term and short-term professional goals, and explain how they relate to this specific position. This section can be written in the form of a narrative essay.

Step Four: Keeping in mind your Accomplishments Statement and Career Goals Statement, create a Professional Resume/CV in response to the job ad (1-2 pages). This should demonstrate direct knowledge of the conventions, expectations, and values of your discourse community.

Step Five: Keeping in mind your Accomplishments Statement and Career Goals Statement, write a Cover Letter designed to get you an interview (1 page).

Collect all of these artifacts into one 7-10 page document to create your Employment Packet.

FYI – Job position should be either: Business Developer or Account Executive…related to Interior Design field

Employment Packet

Gap Analyses 

American interior architects’ (IA) are specialists, architects, strategists, and great designers in their quest to foster success in specified services in the field. The firm’s ability to serve its clients nationwide and at international capacity has been brought about by the ability to deliver quality services. Given the level of pressure and need to maintain their standards, IA ought to sustain and improve their approach in service delivery in interior design discourse. More specifically, the firm published a commercial advertisement looking for an account executive officer. The main task will be to link the firm to the advertisers in various phases and settings. In particular, the outlined qualifications for one to meet were educational undergraduate degrees in business administration, advertising, and journalism. Further, the applicant was required to have outstanding skills in relating with ideologies emerging from interior design. Additionally, the applicant must have excellent negotiation, communication, creativity, organizational skills. Therefore having an informed understanding of the requirements, it is vital to execute a personal assessment. The assessment will identify gaps and reasonable actions to promote activities to breach the existing holes, for one to be fully qualified.

Accordingly, the parallel consideration of the skills I possess cites some reasonable chances for me to meet the requirements. In particular, I am excellent at Microsoft office, which ranges from PowerPoint and Excel presentations. Also, I have one and a half years of experience in account officer activities. Importantly, I am excellent in communication skills, both personal and interpersonal abilities, with a wide range of second language proficiency. Notably, I am proficient in teamwork and also working under pressure with minimal or zero supervision. Perplexingly I am an outstanding problem solver with excellent leadership qualities.

Relatively, I am informed of the deficiencies,’ which ought to be addressed for the skills to suffice the job description. Firstly I will have to finish my undergraduate degree since the advert places the concern as mandatory. Also, I will need to execute additional interior design training for me to be conversant with all the mechanisms in the discourse. A certified File maker developer will be vital in facilitating the journey.

Accomplishment Statements

1. Completed a one and half internship program in Diva Interior Design.

As a lead member of the account handler task in the firm, I successfully led the increment of the firm’s customer care rating from 70% to 98 % by the end of my duration in the firm. The firm had allocated minimal budget to the activities in advertisement worth $ 25,000 annually, but we managed to top other departments will a mountable sum of money (Pereira, Boles, Vieira, Johnson-Busbin & Barksdale, 2018). As an intern, I was not entrusted with full responsibility of being a manager, but I had specific qualities in incorporating team; I made it feasible for the colleagues. After the first six months, I was promoted to senior intern with full managerial duties. All the projects at hand were met ahead of the postulated period despite functioning with an under budget amount. Overall I was in charge of seventeen interns and two employees who I motivated using monthly professional improvement initiatives. One outstanding aspect among the team was increased morale and urger to outshine our records. Generally, the firm’s social responsibility program and sharpening in leadership skills as an account executive will play a huge role in impacting future careers.

2. Managed the firm international annual summit 

As an intern in an interior design firm, I was performing well in my area of specialization as an account holder. That prompted my entrustment to the organization and management of an annual summit. The activities onboard includedflights, conferences, and workshops (Kovacs & Conway, 2016). The platform opened up leeway for an open discussion with other interior designers qualified and certified in their endeavors. In particular, in a studio in December 2019, I was privileged to interact with the national director in interior design. His insights and encouragement purported me to enroll for a short course in interior design, which will kick off after terminating my undergraduate studies. In the course of the summit organization, I was able to heighten the number of volunteer projects annually by a reasonable 50%. Following a diligent approach in handling my duties, I was rewarded as the intern of the year and earned a full scholarship to cater for the rest of my educational tuition fees until graduation. The experience will function to improve my responsibility and accountability in future occupations since I portrayed the ability to maneuver and succeed in any role.

3. Published two scholarly articles on how to improve co-existence between Account executive and interior design.

           Given the benefits of minimal manual activity and increased oversight role in the internship occupation, I was privileged to execute, and author researched articles on the highlighted topics. It was a thrilling experience mind you; I was interacting with the working environment as a first-timer. The American Society of Interior designers funded the study after succeeding in the research proposal (Ekawati, 2017). The first article evaluated how to improve the functionality of technology in interior design activities while the second assessed approaches to strengthen the framework between account executive and designing discourse. After struggling to compete for the two texts within the first year in the internship, I received excellent peer reviews and finally published the articles. Currently, the action informed in the materials are functional in the firm, and more improvements are still being made in line with the research topic. Perplexingly, I was accorded honorary award in the firm directed to the most performing employee both in and out of the working premises. It was a pleasing experience that ignited self believe in my consciousness. Hopefully, I will manage to secure such a passionate position in the future since the ordeal shaped my journey as I face the future.

4. Created a training manual of 30 pages from scratch

           I was among the first non-interior design professionals to seek an internship in the firm, and thus, I found it hard to adapt and learn the firm’s mechanisms and functions. With such struggles in mind, I embarked on a journey to establish a training schedule that will be mandatory to all new employees and interns in the firm. I noticed that the manual played a considerable role in improving the productivity and efficiency of the firm. It was now possible to handle turnovers with immediate effect without impacting the general productivity in the delivery of services (Cooper, 2016). Indeed it was a mission to eliminate a bottleneck a unique endeavor since the inception of the firm. After the manual’s implementation, the firm was able to open up new four branches following the swift transition between the new employees and old designees or transfers. The experience served to open up a platform on transacting and engaging with new structures and elements of change. Such outstanding abilities will impact my professional line as I learn and engage with transformations in life.

5. Organized tracking of database and enhanced accuracy and attention to detail.

           Without a doubt, as an account executive intern, one cannot foster to think and engage in activities outside their area of expertise. However, I stood out as a conventional employee who was ready and willing to enhance the firm’s success. I wrote a detailed proposal on how to accommodate database and detailed data storage techniques. After accepting the written appraisal, I was praised for poising the ability to solve complicated issues independently and efficiently. Mainly, I discovered a data firm that saved the firm 10 % in its expenditures. Generally, I experienced transformation in personal skills and corporate abilities, which will be functional after my graduation.

           Notably, my accomplishments above outline the level of success and credibility attached to my interest in the position. I am confident enough that similar mechanisms and even more can be transferred to American Interior Architects. In the long run, I will play a considerable role in enhancing the completion and realization of the set goals and objectives. The selection will significantly improve my growth as an account executive in interior design discourse.

Career Goals and Statement

           My career goal is to become a chief revenue officer at any interior design firm. Currently, I tasked intending to attain short and long term goals before reaching the prime position. I will be required to meet the short term goals before joining the American interior architects’ company. In contrast, long term goals will be achieved once I settle and secure the advertised account executive officer.

Short term Goals 

  • Aims to complete an undergraduate degree by the end of 2021. Acquire adverse knowledge about American interior architects.
  • I am planning to exercise interaction with clients based on business opportunities.
  • I am focused on completing available training based on essential experience.

As mentioned earlier, I will be working on attaining my short-term goals as an approach to guarantee qualification for the advertised position in the account holder. The aims will play participate long way in eliminating procrastination along the journey. Notably, the set time is limited, and thus, I will have to exercise informed planning that will not interact with my educational calendar. Perplexingly, the goals will function to lay down a strategy that will assist me in accomplishing and tackling one item at a time. Ultimately, I am optimistic that I will meet the minimum requirements outlined in the job description. The focus will heighten my motivation and play a huge role in directing my dedication to the outcomes. When in a review of the short term goals, I am confident that the list will eliminate any instances of being discouraged, despised, or discriminated after making an official application. Therefore I will exercise the gradual learning process on how advanced interior design materials functions. I will be keen to align the requirements will the discourse in interior design despite applying for a position related to marketability. In preparation for the final exam during the course, I will make sure to have accomplished all the required areas. Messing the chance up is the last thing I would wish to experience, and thus, I will exercise responsibility in the quest. Generally, I will dedicate enough energy within the short term confines to position myself as the best candidate among all the interested parties in the place. Thus I will fill all the available gaps by aligning myself to gain in all instances. It is a journey in which the competitors ought to exercise and enhance practical and ideal mechanisms.

Long Term Goals 

  • I am targeting to become a chief revenue officer.
  • Become a manager in technological revolutionary in interior design.
  • Attain other related accounts to account executive.

Consecutively my long term goal is to become a chief revenue officer besides other accomplishments. I am confident that I will secure the position, and thus, laying the long term strategy serves to open up my mind and focus on the task at hand. I am well aware that long term goals require commitment and planning. Thus, I will be keen to exercise professional discipline as I capitalize on resources and skills gain. Overall, I am optimistic that I will begin as an ordinary account executive in the American Interior Architects and proceed to climb the ladder of professional advancements. There are multiple opportunities for one to explore in the journey, but I will be keen to stick to my line of thought and expertise. Notably, the long-term plan’s success will depend on achievements during the short-term goals. Thus I will exercise seriousness and commitment from the beginning of the ideal process. As such, I will be able to mentor other upcoming applicants and account coordinators in the future. Further, I will play a massive role in moving the activities that aim to improve and enhance technological entanglement with interior design. This approach will be in line with my two published articles, emphasizing the need to technologize all the internal design activities. More importantly, I am aiming to paint a new phase in the interior design sector after securing the account executive position. Currently, the majority of the clients are not conversant with what the industry entails. Thus, I will function as the driving force behind the public awareness campaign within the confines of my account management role. Generally, the process will consume about 5-6 years. I am confident enough that I will have learned and interacted with enough clients and managerial staff to guarantee my capabilities before promotion.

           Necessarily the process will assume an informative approach that will facilitate in gauge my professional qualification. Further achieving the set goals and objectives either on a short or long term basis will supplement my capabilities and professional profile. Thus I can define the ordeal as a fact-finding mission, which will ensure continuity and progression in the career. Therefore securing an entry-level account executive in American interior architect will lay the foundation for more exciting endeavors in the future. Overall I am looking forward to developing revenue .increase teamwork in the firm and revive dormant sectors that may function to improve my credit score.        

Professional Resume

Career objective 

Currently, I am Adaptable to marketing and business major with an option in digital marketing. Employ skills, knowledge, and experience to impact and secure a professional career to advance and combat existing challenges. I can be relied upon by your company to allow expertise in terms of social-economic development. Additionally, I will actively participate in sourcing ideologies that will enhance the company’s growth, both internally and externally.

Professional Experience 

Diva Interior Design Jan 2019-June 2020

Account Executive Intern

  • Providing support to clients in learning and working to satisfy their needs.
  • Projecting and making cold calls.
  • Compiling data to establish any existing trends.
  • Generating techniques to be utilized in sales.
  • Maintaining privacy of database and information.
  • Handling all available complaints and negotiations.
  • Informing the company on modern trends and emerging trends.
  • Establish a long-lasting relationship with both external and internal stakeholders.

Community Service

Volunteer August 2019

  • Participated in a charity auction revolving around community works development.
  • I organized a wheelchair fund drive for the disabled.
  • I participated in environmental conservation through the planting of 100,000 trees.
  • Organized a community blood donation drive with awareness on interior design workers.
  • Initiated the establishment of technological workshops at the community level with concerned stakeholders.
  • Facilitated in children tutoring after school.
  • Engaged in training on how to handle various accounts.
  • I Organized a reading and interactive hour among scholars within the community.
  • Performed an interactive query session on ideologies to improve interior design discourse.
  • Established events to assist interaction among new and old community members.
  • I initiated peaceful awareness of drug and substance use among the youths.

Additional Skills 

  • `Marketing and web advertising skills.
  • Knowledge in PowerPoint and excel.
  • Conversant with several consumer brands in interior design.
  • Exceptional grasp in social media following an advertisement.
  • I have High technical and strategic planning skills.
  • Proficiency in a digital ad.
  • Outstanding qualities in creative professions.
  • I can work independently and also with a team.
  • Exceptional leadership qualities.
  • I have mastery of new concepts and technological revolutionary.

Honors and Achievement 

  • I was recognized as an intern of the year in Diva interior design.
  • I was awarded Diva Intern scholarship of the year after an outstanding performance in my intern duty.

Extracurricular Activities 

  • I am a Football team member both at the university and community level.
  • Talented in music, drama, and theatre.
  • Proficient in four foreign languages (French, German, Spanish, and Japanese).
  • Creativity in art skills.


I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Cover Letter 


American interior architects’ (IA),

Human Resource Manager,

Boon Lay Way, Ste 432,

Dear Mr. Jayden,

I am writing to apply for the position of account executive in your firm. I learned about the advertisement through the university notice board before following it up in your firm’s official Twitter Handle. Career and professional development department offered additional information on how to go about the task.

Accordingly, I am interested in account handling due to my specific qualities in technology and Microsoft office. I have been working and aspiring to be the phase behind the change we would wish to realize in the world. I am more informed due to excellent qualities in management and leadership acquired through the journey of life. I was not pushed by anyone to apply for the position since I am self-driven, and I follow passion compounded with befitting qualities and skills. I hope to revive the progress in your firm since the mission and vision align with my ideologies. I cannot resist working with your firm, even if it will be as a volunteer. I have worked with a small firm as an intern, and I am looking forward to working with an internationally recognized firm in the future. My intentions are clear, and the objectives are out for anyone to see. I relish on an opportunity to interact with millions of clients selling the firm’s face to the world. The interior design fits my requirement since I am looking forward to work in an environment that will challenge my creative ability to be better. As an intern, I saved my employer thousands of dollars due to knowledge and willingness to work the extra mile in meeting the deadlines and projects requirement. It will be an achievement to realize new challenges that will work for hand in hand towards my career development. I have learned web designing and coding in various programming languages, which places me in a better position to develop original and eye-catching content.

I have included my resume for clarity, and it will be an honor if you chose to go through in. I am confident that justice will assume its course, and I will be considered to weigh what I can offer to the firm. I am a definition of change, and my previous experience speaks out about my abilities. Therefore, I wish to appreciate you for reviewing the letter and looking forward to hearing from you.


Cooper, R. (2016). Executive functions and the generation of “random” sequential responses: A computational account. Journal of Mathematical Psychology73, 153-168. Doi: 10.1016/j.jmp.2016.06.002

Ekawati, N. (2017). Analysis of Effect of Education Level and Experience Level to Productivity Account Executive in the Sales Department Mnc Media (OKEZONE.COM). Epigram14(1). Doi: 10.32722/epi.v14i1.954

Kovacs, K., & Conway, A. (2016). Process Overlap Theory: A Unified Account of the General Factor of Intelligence. Psychological Inquiry27(3), 151-177. Doi: 10.1080/1047840x.2016.1153946

Pereira, R., Boles, J., Vieira, V., Johnson-Busbin, J., & Barksdale, H. (2018). Unpacking the Account Executive Performance, its Antecedents, and Relational Outcomes: An Abstract. Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy Of Marketing Science, 379-380. Doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-99181-8_119

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