Emergency Response Research Paper

Emergency Response Research Paper.



Texas Division of Emergency Management

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Research paper


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Provide a one-page paper discussing your state’s emergency management agency.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management

Provide a one-page paper discussing your state’s emergency management agency.
The Texas Division of Emergency Management


Emergency Response

 In Texas, states emergency activities, are coordinated by the Texas emergency division. The department aims to prevent the residents and its leaders from existing disaster, impending catastrophes, and also lay plans to mitigate the impact of any danger that may occur in the future. The coordinated activity is set in place to create suitable programs that are meant to increase public awareness about the hazards (TDEM, 2020). Before attaining the milestone above, excellent training is offered to emergency responders, officials, and administrators of the same line of duty.

The mission of the department is to enhance a coordinated, comprehensive all-round emergency response to assist cities, state agencies, and counties within Texas. The required responsibilities are outlined in pre and post categories during any disaster management operation. The segment was established after the Second World War, and it has been functional to date. The historical development of the organization began as one body with local defines programs but opened to operate separately in 1951 (TDEM, 2020). In 2009 under the 81st section of Texas legislature’s session, the category was named and retained its present name to date.

W. Nim Kidd currently heads the leadership of the department. Generally, his role is to enhance the smooth coordination of the response and recovery options. Before joining the Texas team, Nim Kidd was serving in the San Antonio Fire department, where he was an epitome of success (TDEM, 2020). He realized a direct promotion of ranks from being a fire-fighter to District fire chief.


TDEM. (2020). About Us – TDEM. Retrieved 29 April 2020, from https://tdem.texas.gov/texas-division-of-emergency-management/#1563981847676-6ef1149d-54f0

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