Economics of slavery Assignment

Economics of slavery Assignment.

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Topic:Economics of Slavery
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Paper InstructionsRead, summarize what the author is trying to tell the reader about slavery’s impact on the economy: Plus add your analysis of the article..did you agree with the author’s theory or view?

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Economics of slavery

            The Schomburg center for research wrote the article on the emergency of Africa-American culture to show how slavery in the United States was a national system that touched the very core of its economic life. From 16th to 19th century, most of the European colonial economies in America dependent on labour from enslaved African for their survival (Dodson). The slaves were gathered from the trans-Saharan slave trade who worked on the sugar plantation in the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, with the sufficient labour of the production the slavery labour boosted the world economy to greater heights. 

            Since more than half of the enslaved African captives were employed on the sugar plantations, sugar developed into the leading slave produced commodity in Americas. However, sugar was still the leading slave labor produced in the other Caribbean islands as well as in the United States. Moreso, tobacco was among the dominant slave produced commodity in the United States (Dodson). Rice and cotton production in South Carolina also depended on the slave labor which was foundation of antebellum southern economy. Apart from working in plantation, slaves also worked on the domestic basis in the butlers, waiters, maids, launderers, seamstresses, drivers, and even hostlers.

            Although the author of the article has a point, slavery should not be taken just in one perspective of economic development only. Rather, it should also be viewed in the social perspectives where it involved brutal oppression of Africans by the European people. Therefore, in my views it is not supposed to be taken as a business in economic perspectives but rather as the issue of human rights, culture, and the politics.

Works cites

Dodson, Howard. “How Slavery Helped Build a World Economy.” National Geographic News (2003).

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