Economics: Economics Essay Sample

Economics: Economics Essay Sample.




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Economics: Economics

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1)Main arguments of the reading (What points are the authors making?)

2)Main Evidence

3)What arguments and evidence you found convincing/unconvincing. (Why?)


  1. Main arguments of the reading (What points are the authors making)
  2. The authors explain how slavery changed in Western Europe. They explain how it slowly, violently, and rapidly changed. They also explore how slavery ended and the emergence of feudalism.
  3. The chapter also explains the three sources of serfs in the Roman regions. The sources include former free farmers, former slaves, and former ranks of the surrounding Germanic tribes.
  4. The authors explain the economic problems linked to slavery as the reason weakening of the Roman army.
  5. The authors discuss the reason as to why Roman elites changed from being slaves of their masters to be lords of their estates.
  6. Technological stagnation created powerful tensions in Roman agriculture.
  7. The different conflicts caused by technological stagnation, both social and ethnic conflicts.
  8. Main Evidence
  9. Technological stagnation was observed because landowners saw no need for it as they had enough money, and they had no driving compulsion to get more profits from their estates.
  10. Rome wealth was built by the devices of slavery, but slavery came with its challenges such as barriers to economic growth. Slaves were involved in the actual production of goods and services.
  11. Top elites took no interest in technology improvement, and this was one reason why did not use technology in the production of goods and services.
  12. Slaves could not be put in the army and equipped with weapons as they could easily use them against their officers.
  13. Increased corruption and lessened ability to pay soldiers saw fewer farmers drift into joining the army.
  14. During the fall of the Roman Empire, bankrupt free farmers became subordinate to the landlords and were therefore called serfs or slaves, and the Roman elites changed from being serfs to lords of feudal estates.
  15. Technological stagnation tension could not be ended using existing institution, and this led to the weakening of the Roman army and the fall the Roman agriculture. Fall of Roman agriculture led to social conflicts-between masters and slaves, and ethnic conflicts- between Germanic tribes and the Romans.
  16. Conflicts contributed to low technology adoption and also birthed feudalism.
  17. What arguments and evidence you found convincing/unconvincing. (Why?)
  18. Estate owners in Rome used their government whenever they needed more money instead of adapting technology. Rich Romans could become government officials and use illegal and legal ways to loot their provinces, and this led to slave-owning leading to technology stagnation
  19. Free farmers, free artisans, and slavery dominancy contributed to technology stagnation because slaves were paid minimum wages.  The number of people who had incentives to make technological improvements reduced significantly
  20. Slaves had little interest in technological innovation as this technique would not reduce the intensity and numbers of hours spent working.
  21. Roman elites became lords of the feudal estates because their major motivation was to provide goods and services for their masters in return of possessing a piece of land. The other reason for the change was a military reason, in that, in case the estates were attacked, they would fight back.
  22. Technological stagnation tensions were slave-based and could not be solved until slavery was put to an end and new system of institutions adopted.
  23. Questions
  24. How would lords of the feudal estates benefited, had they taken an interest in technological development?
  25. What were the primary motivations behind the movement from slavery to serfdom?
  26. Would there have been increased productivity if serfs were realized centuries before?

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