Economics Assignment Sample Essay

Economics Assignment Sample Essay.

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Paper InstructionsVoter turnout in Texas is among the lowest in the nation. Write a one to three page essay addressing why you think this is the case. What could or should be done to increase voter turnout in Texas? Why is it important for citizens to vote in national, state, and local elections?

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Economics Assignment Sample Essay

Voter turnout refers to the proportion of eligible voters who cast their votes in a given election. In the U.S, a person is eligible to vote if she is a citizen who is at least 18 years old at the time of voting and meets the residency requirements of her state. The calculation of voter turnout could vary based on the divisor used. This paper assumes both the voting-age population (VAP), which includes citizens who have reached the voting age regardless of whether they are eligible voters, and registered voters as divisors in the analysis of voter turnout. In 2010, less than 33% of VAP cast a ballot in the gubernatorial race with the state having the worst-voter turnout (Schleifer). In the 2016 presidential elections, the voter turnout as a percentage of the registered voters was 59% and 46% as a percentage of the VAP (Texas Secretary of State).

The recurrent low voter turnout in Texas is tied to unique aspects of the Texan. First is the population of immigrants. Texas has the seventh largest immigrant population of any American state. Approximately 35% of this population is naturalized and eligible to vote with another estimated 30% comprising of legal permanent residents who are non-citizens (Ura & Murphy). Permanent residents are included as part of the VAP but are not able to vote in the elections. The inflated voting age population is however only a small aspect of the immigrant population’s impact on the voter low turnout. The Texan immigrant population is much more prone to voter apathy than the non-immigrant population. Recent immigrants into the country believe in the value of hard work and pay little attention to the region’s politics. More so, first generation immigrants identify more with the political system of their previous country and take time to develop ties to the American political system. Immigrants are therefore much less likely to vote contributing to the low turn out rates.

The median age of the Texan population is also to account for the state’s low voter turnout.  Texas has the third lowest median age in the U.S. The 18-25 age group has the lowest voter turnout compared to their other eligible age groups. It is no wonder seeing as individuals in this age group, especially on the lower side, are yet to be directly affected by the policies of the local, state and national governments being cushioned by their parents income. This age group is larger in Texas than it is in other States causing an overall low voter turnout.

 The socioeconomic context of the majority of the population is also to blame for the low voter turnout. The Hispanic population accounts for a sizeable 39.1% of the total population while the Black population accounts for another 12.6%. A significant proportion of these two minority groups falls within the low income and the middle low income bracket. A significant proportion of the large Texan immigrant population is also faced with hardship expected on starting life in a new country. Research indicates that persons of a lower socio-economic status fail to vote because of their perception of who they are and their place in the political sphere (Ura & Murphy). Immigrants believe that success will be attained by hard work and have little faith in politicians who promise to create better conditions. The arms of the government, especially the judiciary, have time and again victimized the minority population making it difficult for them to trust any government representative. The psychological conditioning of minority and low-income groups as a result of actual experiences contributes to the low voter turnout.

The non-competitive political scene in Texas is another contributing factor to the low voter turnout. The winner of the gubernatorial, senatorial or presidential election is almost always given in Texas. The Republican presidential candidates have won in Texas since 1976 and the Republican candidate has won every statewide election since 1974 (Philpot).   Texan voters supporting a candidate from a different political party make the rational assumption that they stand no chance at winning the elections. Casting a ballot for such a supporter is therefore a waste of resources that is to be avoided contributing to the low turnout.

While the voting process may be tiring with its long queues, the outcome of the process affects the entire population whether they cast their ballot or not. By voting in a democracy, voters place their power of decision making on one representative who is elected by the majority. In casting their vote for this one individual, he majority indicates that they agree with the individual’s proposed agenda and what he will push for is indeed the will of the majority. The local, state and national governments are involved in decision making on major issues from the quality of education to the legality of same sex marriages that affects every one individual in the population. The presidential elections have been emphasized at the expense of the local and state elections. Voters need to pay attention to all three ballots since these governments play different roles. The voter needs to ensure that his needs are represented in each level of government.


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