Doctoral Demeanor Sample Essay

Doctoral Demeanor Sample Essay.

Doctoral Demeanor Sample Essay

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Doctoral Demeanor and Student Accountability Worksheet

Earning a doctorate means reaching the highest educational level in your field. As a member of the doctoral community, you assume a privileged role in society. Your behavior, attitudes, and way of thinking all reflect your role—inside and outside of the classroom.

In SAS, the term doctoral demeanor refers to the personal attributes that shape a student’s doctoral identity. For example, doctoral demeanor may entail balancing confidence, competence, and high achievement with the humility that comes from continuous learning. As you progress in the program, your ongoing challenge will be to shape your doctoral identity to accept increasing levels of accountability and leadership in society.

As a member of the doctoral community, you are also expected to demonstrate doctoral-level accountability for the learning process. The following table outlines key aspects of doctoral learning.

Doctoral learning consists of…
Student-Driven Learning   Taking responsibility for reading the syllabus and meeting all course requirements and deadlines   Taking initiative to engage others and co-create the class experience   Using syllabus instructions and course materials to self-assess learning   Making adjustments to ensure continuous improvement and developmentActive and Engaged Inquiry   Learning how to learn and critically think in a scholarly way   Providing insightful, original responses and comments from your perspective   Accepting ambiguity and complexity   Thinking for oneself, adding new value, and creating one’s intellectual voice
Doctoral Learning is not…
Passive Learning   Asking redundant questions; holding others accountable for one’s own performance   Expecting the facilitator to dominate the dialogue and provide “all the answers”   Waiting for the facilitator to provide a score or grade   Making the same mistakes; blaming others for one’s mistakesPassive Thinking   Memorizing facts and concepts without adding original analysis or reflection   Providing rote answers; making vague, superficial comments   Seeking only simplistic, familiar, or “black and white” answers   Reiterating others’ ideas without adding new value or relevance

Answer the following reflection questions, providing substantive responses (150 words minimum, each):

  1. How do you already demonstrate a doctoral demeanor in your personal, professional, and/or community life; and what aspects are you adding to your daily life?

When I entered this doctoral program, I expected some changes in my approach to things including thoughts, decisions, and demeanor. The way I process information, my reaction and judgment have all changed in accordance with the University of Phoenix Supplemental standards. With these provisions, I know to be slow in passing judgment without considering the facts. In order words, I am beginning to display critical thinking, and willing to render and receive help. Just like being sensitive to the classroom values and the doctoral community at large, I am aware of the impact of my behavior on the environment I find myself at any given time and place. Having a calm disposition will give you time to reflect on a situation before you speak or pass judgement. In mydaily life, I have began the process of critically assess myself and take accept criticisms as part of a learning process. I am also working on my listening skills, and speak in clear unambiguous language that can be understood easily.

  • What would happen if you were to change your demeanor in your personal, professional, and/or community life?

My demeanor is more or less the outward behavior that people see. It is not easy to change your behavior with in a short period of time, most behaviors are innate and some are learned. If I change my demeanor , then some other aspects of my life may be affected in a way that will make me uncomfortable. Rather, I prefer to maintain a positive attitude knowing that I am now a candidate for the prestigious doctorate degree. This comes with certain responsibilities and expectations, the people you meet in everyday life will respond according to your change in demeanor.Some people are love to associatr with me because they look up to me. You attract people with the qualities you display, and keep them with the qualities you possess. I will maintain a positive attitude of optimism and enthusiasm. These qualities have given me the personality  I have today, and it is not necessary to completely alter my demeanor.

  • How do you envision your demeanor changing as a result of participating in the doctoral program?

The only thing I am scared of is not completing this program. This fear is enough to drive me to succeed. In Nigeria, a doctorate degree holder is almost revered. If the doctorate is earned in the United States or Europe, it is respected and valued even more. I am hoping to become the first person to earn a doctorate in my father’s clan. As a doctoral student, I am aware that my interpretation of things will change. I will now analyze situations with greater attention and this will surely affect my responses. Now I have to listen more attentively and be more critical in thinking, this will generally give an air of humility, rather than arrogance.According to the University of Phoenix Supplemental Standards, a high level of responsibility and ethical judgment appropriate for an advanced scholar,professional, and leader. Critical thinking, independent problem solving, and performance capabilities are just some of the attributes of an advanced scholar.These qualities will shape your mind and change your tone as you continue the doctoral journey.

  • What behaviors will maximize your successful entry in the program?

There are processes that have been instituted to ensure that students demonstrate a schorlarly mien and professional skills necessary to advance their academic standing that the doctorate represents.Doctoral students are subjected to greater scrutiny because they are expected to represent the University as scholars and professionals who must adhere to ethics and standards of their respective professions.The University of Phoenix Supplemental Standards are put in place to keep students in check to ensure success. In addition to the Standards, I have the ability to work independently and with a team. My intellectual curiosity and personal motivation based on circumstances surrounding my life in Nigeria, are enough motivation for anyone. Motivation is important if you want to achieve something reasonable, many students suffer low-self confidence and esteem, anxiety and insecurity. The hardest part of the doctoral journey is getting enough motivation to continue the doctoral journey.

  • What expectations do you have of your classmates and faculty members in the program? What do you think your classmates and faculty members expect of you?

I expect faculty members to provide intellectual guidance and direction on a regular basis or as needed. This can be in the form of evaluation and regular assessment in a timely, and professional manner. Faculty members should monitor closely my academic progress through regular reviews of grades and dispositions.The first resource a student has is the faculty, who should provide their availability to students using a reliable and trusted medium. I expect students to work hard together towards graduation, learn the research method, and display a high level of integrity in the execution of academic and professional tasks. In the end, students should be able to apply the knowledge that has been learned to their different fields of study. The key achievements for students should be to demonstrate appropriate scholarly and professional skills, and graduate with a doctorate degree.

I believe the same expectation I have of faculty and fellow students, they also have of me.

  • What changes do you need to make to move from passive thinking to active- and engaged inquiry?

It is expected of every doctoral student to think in a scholarly way, this means providing insightful and original responses to discussions. I have created a writing schedule to guide me throughout my first three months in the doctoral journey. I am doing this to create value for myself and to find my intellectual voice. I will accept ambiguous and complex situations, because  there is more than one way to offer an explanation. Learning itself is an active process which requires change from time to time, I have to change to ensure continuous improvement and development. Today’s learning environment is social and internet driven , which means that learning can happen at anytime and anywhere.This, in addition to teamwork approach to learning has made changing to active and engaged inquiry easy to achieve. I believe active and engaged inquiry has the advantage of helping me to concentrate and will also help others who might otherwise struggle. Skills like critical thinking can be learned through concentration of thoughts.

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