Disease Model Sample Essay

Disease Model Sample Essay.

Disease Model Sample Essay

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Disease Model Versus Positive Psychology Worksheet


Read the scenario and answer the questions in no less than 200 words each. Support your responses with detail from this week’s assigned video and reading. Include APA-formatted citations and references.


William is a 44-year old project manager for a large commercial construction firm. He started out as a gifted carpenter who greatly enjoyed designing and building custom furniture. However, after several promotions, he focuses on bringing in new business. He spends many work hours at his computer or on the telephone. He is divorced and rarely sees his two daughters. In recent years, he has gained weight and is displeased with his appearance, but has no interest in or energy for exercise. He does not sleep well because he worries about business problems at night. He was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. Although he is financially secure, he rarely takes vacations or socializes outside of the office. He has begun to feel that his life is pointless.

  1. Discuss William’s situation from the perspective of traditional psychology. What information would be most important? What conclusions and recommendations might be made by a psychologist working from the disease model?

Usually, the traditional psychology perspective aims at defining the problem and identifying a range of techniques to use for purposes of treatment of the problem. For the incorporated treatment techniques to work efficiently, there would be the need to look at the behaviors of William in the past, present, as well as future. As such, the focus would be on traumatic events that might have affected William during his life, and the manner in which the events have impacted his functioning. In William’s scenario, a traditional psychologist would focus on various aspects of William’s life. These comprise of what led to the divorce and separations, which make it difficult for him to see his daughters. It would also be crucial to look at how the lack of proper relationships with his daughters has affected him and how it makes people look at him. Ideally, when one separates from his children like in the case of William, it would be traumatic to an extent that William devotes much of his time to work thereby enabling him to avoid healing from his life’s experiences. The most vital information to consider in the situation of William is to identify the details about his divorce, and separation from the two daughters. The details will make it easy to come up with efficient strategies and plans on how to deal with high blood pressure. When a psychologist who works from a disease model assesses the situation of William, the psychologist will incorporate counseling techniques, as well as provide the most appropriate medication for depression and high blood pressure. Through counseling and medication, it would be easy to establish a balance for the troubles of William hence would help prevent other adverse consequences that might come forth.

  1. Discuss William’s situation from the perspective of positive psychology. What information would be most important? What conclusions and recommendations might be made by a psychologist working from the positive psychology model?

In the contemporary field of psychology, most people tend to incorporate positive psychology in their researches. As opposed to traditional psychology that focuses on the problem and treatment techniques, positive psychology focuses on identifying the inner strengths of an individual and the proactive steps that the affected persons should take to enable them prosper in the society. In the situation of William, positive psychology would be of crucial concern as it looks into the strengths of William to assist him get out of his present situation. As such, a positive psychologist will advise William to take time off from his work more often to enable him spend some time with his daughters. The time off will also help him in bringing about mental relaxation by finding a peace of mind and not focusing on job all the times (McDermott et al., 2017). The positive psychologist will also suggest the need for William t o take vacations with his daughters, which will make him active and boost the mood. When he spends time with the children, his sleep patterns will improve substantially since he will be relaxed and under less pressure. The most crucial information is establishing the details of Willia’s divorce and separation with the daughters. Therefore, William should focus on the positive aspects that would help him improve his relationships.


McDermott, R. C., Cheng, H. L., Wong, J., Booth, N., Jones, Z., & Sevig, T. (2017). Hope for help-seeking: A positive psychology perspective of psychological help-seeking intentions. The Counseling Psychologist45(2), 237-265.

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