Development Psychology Paper Essay

Development Psychology Paper Essay

Development Psychology Paper Essay

Developmental Psychology

600 Psych/Development Psychology

Developmental Psychology

In our society, there has always been a question of the human body thought process and what generates it. Scientist have theories about what and how the process works. My research will point out some key factors and controversies that scientist have researched in order to explain the diversity in Developmental Psychology, Psychology and Aging Sex Roles.

Developmental Psychology deals with the behavioral changes that take place as we mature. Research developmental psychology is conducted on individual groups at extended periods of time. Psychologists such as Piaget, Bowlby, Ainsworth, Freud, Kohlberg, and Erikson, studies intellectual and linguistic development or personal-social (emotional) development. These   professional psychologists are a tempting to answer an old age question; What cause behavioral change in an individual. Many studies have been done with their focus on children, but through the year there has also been an interest in elderly. After surveillance with the children in their familiar setting. Instead of trying to test them in the lab.  Different theories suggest that Behavioral Development also extends from one’s genetic back ground and their environmental from one’s genetic back ground and their environmental surroundings.

In developmental psychology, scientist have asked what par does aging play in psychology. The attempt answer this question on began in the twenty first publication of Psychology and Aging. The journal, earlier issues suggest that basic aspects of cognition (memory, attention, and perception), higher level of cognition and intelligence, (everyday- dilemma). Some research came from quasiexperimental designs with -enormous comparisons, other survey (methodologies), longitudinal and correlation research of psychometric data. The results of these test were represented in the Psychology and Aging theories. In November of 2005 more scientist joined the research of Development Psychology. Thirty- six cited articles had been viewed over 100 times. The articles that were cited were separated into six categories; attention and perception, stress and coping, intelligence, memory, clinicalaging, social and personality. Psychology and Aging has had a wonderful start and proves to be a very interesting journey for researchers to venture forward. The journey of Development Psychology and Aging has barely reached its maturity.

            Development Psychology also ventured into how sex roles play in developmental psychology. It was observed that even at young ages results showed that children liked playing with their same sex gender, rather than different gender. (LaFreniere, Strayer, and Gauthier, 1984; Maccoby,1988; Maccoby Jacklin, 1987) Even though there has been enormous anecdotal and experimental evidence regarding same-sex in childhood play scientist know very little about why this occurs. Scientist have come up with several reasons why, (Kohlberg,1966) and (Liben and Signorella,1987; Martin and Halverson 1981 both cognitive and developmental and schema theories.  Scientist are looking at different groups such as; difference between girls and boys, gender stereotypes, and having belief that one’s own body is held at a higher regards than others.

My research has proven that Development Psychology is involved in every aspect of life, from the mother’s womb to the end of one’s life cycle. In the world, today there is research still being done on Development Psychology and how far dose it reaches into our very existence.


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