Descriptive Summary about Falling from Grace

It is descriptive summary of falling from grace.

I can check with my boy if he has any outline to follow.

But you describe your understanding and feeling and feedback about the book.It will help at this stage.

Descriptive Summary

The book falling from Grace, written by Jane Godwin is a fiction mystery novel that talks about the disappearance of twelve-year-old girl on the Australian coast. Annie and Grace are young sisters who are playing a game of ‘tracking’ with their father at the beach by Point Nepean. A game of hide and seek quickly goes bad when the weather suddenly changes, as a storm is approaching and nighttime nearing. On their way back, Annie persuades Grace to take a short cut, which is on a cliff, which she had used herself. She is reluctant but decides it follow the path. Unfortunately, Grace falls and disappears when that side of the cliff collapses. In the same afternoon, a boy named Kip finds the backpack of Grace floating on water and he takes it to her father. While with her father, Kip says that he saw two figures around the beach earlier. The search of finding grace lasts for days with the media fully glaring at the situation. Kip finds himself in trouble as he is under surveillance though he is determined to clear his name by finding Grace. Annie is overwhelmed by guilt because she forced Grace to take the tragic short cut.Descriptive Summary

Falling from Grace, is an interesting book to read as the novel has been skillfully crafted and written to keep the characters and the readers on their toes. In my opinion, the story line revolves around tense and ambiguous events that are narrated from two viewpoints. It is captivating especially since the story begins on such an ordinary level and later translates to and extraordinary event. The protagonists are caught unaware and puts them in situation where they doubt themselves and their relationships. Each character evolves throughout the book from when they were first introduced. Also, as the weather changes so does the situation involving the two sisters. The coming of the storm may symbolize the coming struggle of looking for a loved one. I also think the setting of the story also plays a key role in the novel. The setting is in a rugged Victorian coast called Point Nepean. In reality, Point Nepean has a wild and unpredictable nature as seen throughout in the story. I feel the book focuses heavily on creation of tension. The author has carefully created situations where tension builds up. For example, the author compares winter and summer seasons. The authors says that in winter the ocean is not as welcoming as it is in summer. Additionally, the author uses both extremes in terms of weather. The stormy weather is a sign of difficult times ahead while in the beginning the weather was fair as the two sisters were playing a game. The change of weather and inclusion of darkness creates the tension that something bad is about to happen. The fact that this story is told from alternating points, it has an adolescent tone. Annie is scared that she may not ever see her sister again and rethinks their relationship while replaying the occurrence of her disappearing. On the other hand, Kip recalls the events of that day as a teenager seeking freedom from his parents. The story shows the concerns and fears of adolescents who have a responsibility to their families. It shows the consequences of the choices, actions and words of adolescents.Descriptive Summary

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