Define Complex Resource Extraction

Define Complex Resource Extraction.

define complex resource extraction.



anthropology writing -17

Pages: 3

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Watch the film and fill out the worksheet, each question requires 200 + words. Total 9 questions. Each question requires 200+ words.

need to watch this film, then fill out the worksheet, film link: https://search-alexanderstreet-com.libproxy.uorego…

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Need citation from the following material, define concept from the lecture:

Lecture 3 for questions 1, define complex resource extraction:

According to the film, it was important for the Cree arrive at their precise estimations of the learning and communication, especially in relation to themselves as the hunters and gatherers. It is important but not much sufficient to assume that the capacity of intelligence are shared by the Cree and used in the hunting and gathering scenarios.  However, the experience if hunters’ knowledge is more needed to improve the hunting practices than the learned knowledge. This knowledge was passed from generation to another like children learnt from the role their parents did. For example in the Cree culture the role of men was hunting for the families, trapping, stalking, and snaring the animals and protecting the clan by fighting for them . Men in this tribe also made the wigwam frames, weapons, toboggans, tools, and canoes. Therefore, these duties were passed on to young boys in the community by observing what their parents did.

The same case happened to the female gender; girls learnt their roles in the society by staying with their mothers and observing what they did for the community. For instances, women gathered hubs and vegetables, prepared meals, weaved mats made clothes and many other related roles. The Cree mothers had a lot to teach their daughters as they grew up. In this community, daughters were first taught on how to listen before talking so their first learning skills as a child were listening. Then as they grew they were taught their roles as women of the society, like the knowledge on the food preservation was passed to them by their mothers. They were also taught on the small hunting that involved the squirrels, fox, and rabbits and also the fishing techniques. All these observations support the Hewlett and Cavalli on how the Aka children learn daily skills through observation.


Although in Cree community children were taught on the foraging activity by their parents, there are some of the features that of the Cree environment that might limit them. Since their foraging activities were done in the hunting and gathering manner, they were mostly engaged in the forest and push places. The wild animals which are found in the forest like the lions and such can was one of the feature that made the children of the Cree community to be limited in the foraging activities. For instance, some of the children were too young to be sent to search for food in the forest alone because of the dangerous wild animals. The reason being not all the children knew all the techniques and had all the available tools and weapons to be used during the hunting time.

 Large and dangerous water bodies was another feature because women were involved in the fishing activities and sometimes young girls could be needed to follow or even go alone in those water bodies which dangerous. Change of weather was another feature in the Cree environment that limited children from the foraging activities in the community. For example bad storms occurred mostly and with children outside alone in the forest, it could endanger their lives. The rains and the harsh sun to there could bring illnesses to the children if they were exposed for too long.


Due to the increased population in the among the Cree community, their environment has experienced a lot of changes which led to its fluctuation. The environmental fluctuation has led to stress among the Cree people in the film. The fluctuation includes the socio-economic changes that were brought by a project by James Bay of hydroelectric megaproject.  The Cree people being hunters and gatherers have been affected by this fluctuation in their daily primary resources. Like the forest have been cut off limiting the areas they have been using in their activities. Their primary resources like the forests and rivers are intimately linked to their traditional subsistence activities and the cultural value.

Therefore, the Cree people have come up with some of the strategies that help them to cope with the failure of their primary resources.  They have been involving themselves with the fur trade where they obtain guns and other necessary materials which they exchanged for food. The film shows that due to the calamities, the Cree people suffered they started raiding from the Inuit community. They went ahead using their worriers and took over the lands of the Inuit which they traded with the geese which helped them to alleviate hardships in the bush.

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